Wellness Wednesday: Work is Paying Off

This Saturday in the wellness department has been monumental for me. Not only was it my 36th Birthday, but it was also day I completed a 5K Walk for the first time in over eight years. For only being serious about losing weight for only almost three months, I am proud that I did not finish last in the race and that I can compete at my age while still being well enough to do the basic things in life.

Concentrating On COVID: Normal is on the Way

As we are into week two being mostly restriction free from the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are beginning to see what normal is. Along with government mandates being lifted, within the upcoming time restrictions at the places I frequent are being eased as well. However, I with COVID-19, I feel that it was a teaching moment to the world for several reasons.

Adulting: The Challenges That Stem from the Necessity of Shopping

When one lives alone. A need often arises when one needs to shopping. To persons that are autistic or have several mental health challenges, this can become a struggle to do. As such when the willpower is not there, people will do with what they can by ordering take out or not eating at all. Part of adulting includes garnering up the courage to go to the store, purchase your items and bring them home and put them away.