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The Reality and Gratitude Of My Independence

I deserve to live the life I want to have and even make it better someday, but I will never get out of the rut i am in if I do not do what Is necessary to maintain my independence and by seeing the reality of the dynamic, valuing it and being thankful for my independence and accomplishments will hopefully get me turned in the right direction for much desirable outcomes and bigger and better things, I deserve after all these years.

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Wellness Wednesday: I Can If I Want To

As an old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force him to drink. That has been the case in both my mental and physical health journeys the past few years. While I sometimes throw smoke and mirrors as if I am doing the right thing, behind the surface for a long time I was hurting and I think I finally found out that doing that will eventually catch up to me in the end.

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Being Strong Through Change

The past few years have had changes that are beyond my control.For years past, I had the theory of “take my marbles and go home.”Like what someone does at a bank when they can’t get what they want and move their money.There are reasons people move from place to place, that is of their own… Continue reading Being Strong Through Change

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Adulting: Just Do It

After years of fighting the battles I have been fighting for my independence, I have finally come to the terms that I just need to do the things that I need to do and not fight ia,y. I know that while I have my moments it is better than ignoring what I need to do and if I just do what needs to be done, things will be better in the end.

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For My Wellbeing

I don't know if it's because we've been in such a dry spell but I've been wanting to stay in and have been anxious about leaving my space. It's not like I haven't left my space in my own regard, in fact I know it's healthy to do so and boosts my spirits. Yet being… Continue reading For My Wellbeing

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Same battle… Different Day

24 hours ago I was in the same state that I was in a few minutes ago.Battling whether or not to take my bedtime medication.It's a battle I've fought since being independent almost 5 years ago.And although today is the 8th day I've consistently won the battle, it's the second day in a row that's… Continue reading Same battle… Different Day

Being Prepared

Being Prepared: Extreme Heat

As we are approaching the official beginning of summer, yet being in meteorological summer by local standards in my neck of the woods, the sun and heat have proved themselves quite well throughout this month. Little did I know that the autistic and related populations are more at risk than the general populations when it comes to balancing safety and risk.

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7 Days and 7 More

On the eve of what was a holiday wekend and the unoffical start to summer, I had an epiphany of sorts. It was choosing whether or not I want this to be what I am calling one heck of a summer. Or did I just want to continue to play the same old games over and over again as I have been doing the last few years?

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Living My Best Life

Finally after nearly five years of being independent, I have turned the corner in the right direction and finally at a point where I am living my best life by doing what is best for me after years of doing what was not the best and finally having a reality check that kind of woke me up.