Wellness Wednesday: No Health Without Mental Health

This week I want to share my mental health story during the COVID Pandemic. I feel this is important to the wellness of everyone in the autistic community both individuals and those serving them. Remember, there is no health without mental health.

Wellness Wednesday: Keep The Balll Rolling

Another week has come and gone since my last check in. I haven't disappointed you as 2.5 pounds  just this week. In just six weeks I have lost 13.75 pounds. I have never in my almost fifteen-year journey at my local weight loss support group I’ve lost that amount of weight on a continual basis

Wellness Wednesday: Small Goals Matter

This past week I worked hard at getting all the weight off by portion control, more water, tracking food and personal weigh ins each morning consistently with the Fitbit on my phone and not staying idle too much. Even with Easter, it wasn't nothing that I couldn't handle.

Wellness Wednesday: Gratitude, Goals and Addiction

First of all, to fill the void of free time during the COVID Pandemic, I have decided to start the new year by bringing back the Wellness Wednesday series that I started and never finished earlier this year. My Weekly feature will now be released on Thursday as a result of this change. Here’s to a good new year.

Where going to the next level, but nothing’s changing

So another week has came and gone. Last Friday, our State Government announced that effective this Friday morning we will be moving to the Yellow phase of the reopening plan for the reopening plan. However, not much in what was considered my regular routine will continue to exist.

Aspergers’/Autism and Eating

Today, I came across  a Article on the Autism Speaks Website through E-Mal as we are two weeks away from thanksgiving as AS community was providing resources to get through the holiday. However, I came across a more interesting article of fascination, the need for specifically a individual to constantly eat, for one reason or … Continue reading Aspergers’/Autism and Eating

Truth Hurts

Truth Hurts. Oftentimes it's coubteracted with a attack on the person who says the truth about the person's issue. This especially comes into play if it is one about an addiction of any kind. My name is Dustin, and my addiction is Soda. For most of my adult years I would wake up in the … Continue reading Truth Hurts