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What Coronavirus has taught me about my behaviors

A few weeks ago, I met a new doctor who ordered me some standard labs. I within a few hours received a phone call from the doctors office expecting bad news due to the phone call being sudden. However I learned that only my thyroid level was not so great and that all other levels were really good. So Kudos to me for doing this. I feel better too!

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Book Review: Officer Clemmons: A Memouir

If you are a follower of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, then you will certainly know the character Officer Clemmons. This character was played on the show by now Dr. Francois S. Clemmons from the show's start in 1968 until 1993. The book is very detailed and thorough about his many rainbows of life

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Book Review: The Hidden Reality of Autism

Yet another good Autism read. This one I found out from a Page creator from across the pond, Marcus Mitchell. Marcus struggled through many years being undiagnosed before becoming vehemently aggressive to the point the police had to become involved to the point he spent the night in the local police station before having his… Continue reading Book Review: The Hidden Reality of Autism


The Network

We grow up as young boys and girls We're told that we are to befriend our peers Many of peers on peers in school charter these scary waters for the first time we snarl. For we are doing only what we are told. We're included in mates birthday's Some are just with us boys, some… Continue reading The Network

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Autism Being Stigmatized

With it being Mental Health Awareness Month nationally,  my day program for their weekly newsletter we were asked to give our opinion on the changes of stigma. While it has good and bad points, the autism community has its points also.

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The Family Physician

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting my fourth family physician. It would be the second one in the course of seven months. Before that I had a doctor since graduating from a pediatrician, of which I had two - one from birth and changing to my last one at the age of 10. However, after this last visit, although it was by phone, I was never so calm.

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Where going to the next level, but nothing’s changing

So another week has came and gone. Last Friday, our State Government announced that effective this Friday morning we will be moving to the Yellow phase of the reopening plan for the reopening plan. However, not much in what was considered my regular routine will continue to exist.