Educational Resources

Discover Astronomy with NASA!

 The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has online resources for all topics astronomy-related – whether you dream of becoming an astrophysicist or just wonder about how astronauts live on the International Space Station (ISS), there is
something for everyone! For those interested in interstellar space travel, you can wander
through Mars using recordings from the actual NASA Curiosity rover. If you are more interested
in what it takes to become an astronaut, or the amazing feats of engineering that allow us to
travel to outer space, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center has a YouTube channel offers virtual field
trips taking you on a journey to explore topics, as well as others. If you want even more spacerelated videos, NASA has a free online TV channel where they show everything from ISS in-flight
interviews with astronauts to live views of our planet from the ISS. For more hands-on learning,
NASA Space Place offers educational games, activities, and articles to inspire your learning of
space. If you are looking for a non-technology-based astronomy activity, and you live in a
suburban or rural area, try out stargazing – you can even bring a friend, as long as you make
sure to stay a safe 6 feet apart at all times. Now is a great time to explore astronomy and space
flight through NASA’s many engaging and informative resources!

If you’re looking for a way to connect and have fun with others during your leisure time, why not try out a board or card game? Board and card games can be fun for the whole family or group of friends and can lead to hours of enjoyment and friendly competition. If you don’t have any board games, live alone, or want to play a game with friends far away, try using a free online board game service like Board Game Arena or Tabletopia!

Play a board game!

Learn a New Language with Duolingo!

Looking to learn a new skill while physical distancing? Why not try learning a new language! Duolingo is a website and mobile application that offers free courses for over 30 different languages. You can connect with others in the Duolingo forums to practice and discuss your languages, or try out your language skills with friends or family!

Free Online Workouts with YMCA 360

Looking for a way to keep yourself or your family healthy and active? The YMCA is currently offering over 60 free, on-demand health and fitness videos on their website. With videos for everyone from youths to older adults, you’re sure to find something that helps you and those you love stay healthy and engaged!

Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts and Culture is a great way to discover works of art and natural wonders virtually, and is a great way to engage your family in much of the beauty our world has to offer.