Emergency Preparedness Resources

Natural Catastrophes Social Stories (PDF)

Hurricane Information (Nation Autism Assn.)

What to do During a Natural Disaster

Public Health Emergency Contact Information

What to do After an Emergency

All About Me Forms

If a self-advocate is being supported by shelter staff, an emergency first responder, volunteer or another person unfamiliar with the self-advocate, the All About Me Form is a helpful tool for whoever is offering support. The form includes information including name, communication preferences, likes, dislikes and important contact information relevant to the individual. If a self-advocate has this completed form prepared ahead of time, this can help to expedite and provide more effective support for them.

Disaster Supply Kit

If you experience an emergency situation or natural disaster, it is helpful to have certain items handy. If you set these items aside ahead of time, it can be one less thing you have to do during an emergency. Click the button below for a list of suggested items for a disaster supply kit.

Emergency Preparedness For People Who Use Assistive Technology

My Emergency Readiness Plan

Personal Emergency Profile (National Autism Association)

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Printable Aids