Apps When the Internet Goes Out

So, in rectenty times, I discovered that there are instances when the Internet is nonexistent or you are isolated from being able to connect to a network. It can be an issue among the neurodiversity community and can make life unpleasnt for neurodiverse individuals.

Therefore, in creating my sensory bag, in which I use to take to places outside my home that are prone to sensory overload and where I could have the need to use sensory-like devices in order to properly regulate, I did include some of my older devices in the event of an Internet or power outage.

With that being said, there is no connectivity to the Internet.

Below are a listing of Apps on both Amazon and Android that work when the Internet goe out. It should be good to note that these are apps that should be installed when setting up the tablet for non-Internet Use so that you know whether or not you need a Internet Commection for them to work properly.