Pittsburgh Int’l Airport

Presley’s Place: A world-class sensory-friendly space near Gate A9

Air travel is stressful, and it can be especially difficult for individuals with autism and other  neurodevelopmental challenges. Presley’s Place offers a calming respite for travelers with sensory sensitivities and their families to de-escalate prior to getting on a plane or even after landing. To best understand the needs of the community, we brought together advocacy groups,individuals and caregivers of children with neurodevelopmental challenges to share their experiences and offer suggestions for the room’s design.

With help from community and industry partnerships, key features of Presley’s Place include: 
• A realistic airplane cabin experience provided by American Airlines and Magee Plastics
• Private, soundproof spaces
• Adjustable lighting
• Transitional space between the concourse and room with real-time flight information and interactive terminal map
• A sensory-friendly restroom with adult changing station and adjustable sink
• Various calming activities
• Comfortable seating
Thanks to Our Partners: 
• Allegheny County Airport Authority Charitable Foundation
• American Airlines
• Autism Connection of Pennsylvania
• Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
• Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust
• FISA Foundation
• Hayes Design Group Architects
• Hillman Family Foundations
• Magee Plastics
• MAX-Ability

And a special thank you to the members of the Allegheny County Airport Authority team who worked diligently from start to finish to make this room possible.