Smart Technology

Smart Speakers

There has been a growing trend of smart speakers and devices being used in the Autism ommunity to encourage & facilitate communication.
• From an educational stand point the cause and effect experience – helps individuals engage and interact with these devices

Siri – HomePod

Apple HomePod

Amazon Echo

Apple’s voice communication AI is known as Siri.
• Siri is integrated in Mac’s and all iOS devices.
• In 2018 Apple released it’s HomePod speaker which allows a person to
interact with Siri through a standalone speaker.

Amazon Echo Products

• Amazon Echo product line consists of multiple different size
speakers and some with displays.

• Amazon’s voice is known as Alexa

• Amazon Echo is made to be placed around the house and it answers questions for you and acts as a personal assistant.

• Works really well with IFTTT (If this then that).
• With Amazon integration adults with autism can also use the device to order items they may need.

Google Home

Google Home and Home Mini

Google Home consists of two different size devices the mini and the regular home.
• The AI behind the devices is Google Assistant.
• You can get answers, play songs, access information and make changes to your Google
Accounts, and control other Google Home Smart devices..

Smart Homes for Autism

Smart home technology has the potential to keep an individual on the Autism spectrum safer and more regulated within their home environment.
• Smart homes can provide such things as automatic door locks, door and window
sensors, motion detectors, indoor cameras, doorbell camera, light controls, room to room audio and communications ability.
• Companies such as Vivint Smart Home and Control4 have been specializing in
Autism friendly setups.