PA Transportation Resorces

Integrated Transportation Resources | Created by the Pennsylvania Charting the LifeCourse Employment Innovation Area Work Group – 02.14.2023

Personal Strengths & Assets

  • Learn about and try different transportation options
  • Wear a mask when needed
  • Ride an electric bicycle
  • Engage in the community
  • Be willing to meet responsibilities in using transportation
  • Recognize and develop skills for using transportation
  • Know where to find assistance and ask for help
  • Plan your trip ahead of time. Know where you need to be and what time to be there.
  • Obtain a driver’s license and car
  • Learn to use Google Maps/other maps
  • Learn safety features within transportation apps



  • Family and Friends
  • Coworlers amd Neighbors
  • Helpful professionals to assist in connecting to transportation
  • Information and Referral (I&R) Resources
    You may also dial 2-1-1- to reach your local United Way helpline
  • Employer-offered transportation porograms like vanpooling
  • Professionals, friends, or family can help coordinate / rent vans for trips
  • Go-Go Grandparent
  • PA Centers for Independent Living (CIL’s)

Community Based

Eligibility Specific