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Adulting: Being the Adult

One of the hardest things when it comes to living my life is having to do things that adults do. While these sometimes may have a more intensive degree of intensity for an autistic person, many times it just takes getting out the door, and getting off to a right start.


Adulting: Defining Your Identity

As an autistic person who spent a great deal of their adulthood living under the same roof as their parents, I was never able to have a sense of who I was without my parents having some involvement, however as I am spending time being independent, I am developing my own identity.


Wellness Wednesday: Mood’s Role in Wellness

I will have to admit for the better part of four years, not being coherent with my medication regimen has wreaked havoc with my mood stability constantly. This in turn makes life for me very volatile and as a result things lack in getting done and eventually the bottom falls out. I am slowly realizing that I need to get on track once and for all to have optimum wellness.

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Adulting: Intrusive Thoughts

Having the comorbidity of Anxiety alongside being autistic can provide many challenges for me. One of those challenges I constantly battle is intrusive thoughts. These thoughts often pop into my headspace without warning and at times loop very much to the point they bring me down.

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Adulting: Keeping Positive Energy

For the majority of my life, I could never see the positive of a situation. No matter what was presumed of a situation, I would bring up some sort of negative connotation or the worst thing about something that could be intended to be a nice day out.

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Reflections: Mind Battles

As I get back to where I left off on my journey and finally being happy in the journey as an independent autistic man, I am learning that the things that were the cause of me declining, hitting rock bottom and slowly bouncing back to where I am today had a great deal of what was I allowed my mind to believe.


The Power of Making Things Right

Many times through the powers of social media the negativity of both employees and customers of fast food restaurants are seen at what can be best described as their breaking points. Many times the breaking point is generated by customers speaking in an elevated tone and demanding to have things made right or even something… Continue reading The Power of Making Things Right

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Reflections: Restoring Autistic Burnout

NOTE: This is the second-half of a two part series on my recent discovery of Autistic Burnout. In yesterday’s Adulting post, I discovered some of the signs and what to do in order to practice restorative care for myself. Today, I share what I discovered as the best practices for me in order to restore my energy following periods of burnout.


Drumming Improves Behavior In Young People With Autism, Study Finds

by Shaun Heasley, via Disability Scoop | June 14, 2022 A new study suggests that playing the drums can help those with autism. (David Martin/Unsplash) Learning to play the drums could make a big difference for adolescents with autism, with new research finding that acquiring the skill leads to better emotional control and fewer behavior… Continue reading Drumming Improves Behavior In Young People With Autism, Study Finds

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Reflections: What I Didn’t Know Then

Recently, my parents were cleaning their house and brought to me some of my possessions. Some of these were some elementary school yearbooks that I had. Taking a look into one of them brought to light some discoveries about things that happened at the time, both good and bad that made me realize that I have been destined to be on the journey that I am on.


Movie Starring Actor With Autism Gets Nationwide Release

by Shaun Heasley, via Disability Scoop | March 11, 2022 Major Dodson, who has autism, stars in the new movie "Tyson's Run." (Collide Distribution) Autism is at the center of a new movie that’s opening in theaters across the country. “Tyson’s Run,” which stars an actor with autism, will be on over 400 screens starting Friday.… Continue reading Movie Starring Actor With Autism Gets Nationwide Release


People With Disabilities Segregated In Nursing Homes, Justice Department Alleges

by Meg Wingerter, The Denver Post/TNS | March 8, 2022 DENVER — Colorado isn’t doing enough to allow people with physical disabilities to live in the general community, effectively segregating them in nursing homes in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. The department laid out the allegations in… Continue reading People With Disabilities Segregated In Nursing Homes, Justice Department Alleges

The River in Winter 2019

Special: A Journey of Personal Growth

Lately, I have been on a journey of acceptance, discovery, and growth. It has been astonishing in the past few months how far I have grown into a man and discovering that what I am feeling and what I need to do to be well is possible and acceptable. I can no longer live in shame about what I have to do to stay well and be who I want to be. 


Social Security Offices Expected To Reopen Soon

Social Security is targeting late March to reopen its local field offices. (Disability Scoop) For the first time in two years, Social Security offices nationwide are set to open their doors. The Social Security Administration is expected to reopen more than 1,200 field offices starting March 30 under an agreement reached this month with the… Continue reading Social Security Offices Expected To Reopen Soon