Social Security Offices Expected To Reopen Soon

Social Security is targeting late March to reopen its local field offices. (Disability Scoop) For the first time in two years, Social Security offices nationwide are set to open their doors. The Social Security Administration is expected to reopen more than 1,200 field offices starting March 30 under an agreement reached this month with the … Continue reading Social Security Offices Expected To Reopen Soon

Firm Designs Buildings To Meet Needs Of Kids With Autism

by Bob Shaw, Pioneer Press/TNS | November 30, 2021 ST. PAUL, Minn. — Steve Orfield thinks a building design tailored to kids with autism might be good for everyone. His business, Orfield Laboratories, based in Minneapolis, designs buildings to provide a sense of calm for anyone on the autism spectrum. Through years of consulting, he has … Continue reading Firm Designs Buildings To Meet Needs Of Kids With Autism

Adulting: Trying to Stop the Self-Pity Train before it departs

The last few days I have been aboard the self-pity train. I know lately I have been there alot and I have little reason to be. Earlier this month, I was more on a vocalized role with my parents at a time they did not need it because of a handful of deaths of those known to us. Now, my new method is pouting myself to sleep because I think I have such a horrible life when in fact it isn’t that bad.

Concentrating On COVID: Fear of A Repeat

As we enter another communal holiday season amongst a global pandemic, I cannot seem to forget that last Thanksgiving was likely the culprit to a semi-shutdown resulting in a Christmas that we have never experienced in modern history. While we have vaccinations and we are nearing target rates, I still fear having a repeat again this year due to the inaction of many to take the proper precaution.

How to Ask for Help

Mitchell's Life with Autism

As a non-speaker, it is difficult to ask for help. I almost always fear it. We have limited options in how we do it. For me, I have my letter board, sign language, and behavior, if necessary, to get my point across. On my board, it’s hard to initiate conversation unless I am asked directly if I need something or if something is wrong. With sign language, not everyone understands or people may think it’s a loop. Behavior can be a last ditch effort or a cry for help. If I act out, I hope someone will notice I need help.

This is a real safety issue for non-speakers. We have caregivers who know what to look out for, but even the best will miss things. There needs to be a solution. My iPad has a help button and emergency information page, but non-speakers shouldn’t have to wait until they’re…

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“Lucky” – the difference an attitude can make

Definitely needed to hear this today! Continues the fires burning!

Yenn Purkis Autism Page

I am lucky.

I went through school as an undiagnosed autistic person. I was bullied a lot. I hated myself and wanted to be someone else. I left home at 17 and got involved with dangerous people. I found myself in trouble with the law and ended up in jail. The experience was so traumatic that I self medicated with illicit drugs. The resulted in me becoming homeless. I also had a psychotic episode which morphed into a schizophrenia diagnosis which I still have 26 years later. I was abused and manipulated repeatedly. I spent twelve years in poverty. I lived in public housing where my neighbours were mostly alcoholics. I developed an alcohol problem due to my friendship with my neighbours. I had a neighbour who was a stalker and was fixated on me and was violent and controlling. I have been unwell with psychosis on multiple occasions. It…

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Autism and sexuality and relationships 

Definetly a read for those that have a narrow mind about the sexuality of autistics!

Yenn Purkis Autism Page

Content warning: reference to sexual abuse

There is a pervasive stereotype that all autistic people are asexual and single. In fact there is a pervasive view that all Disabled people are asexual and single. These assumptions come straight out of ableism and are really unhelpful. 

The idea that we are all asexual seems to come from the view that we are eternal children. This is far from the truth. A huge number of autistic people have partners and their own children. Some autistic people are asexual just as some people in society more broadly are asexual but many autistic people have a sexual appetite and a partner or partners A lot of autistic people are gay, lesbian, bi, pansexual or polyamorous. People make assumptions that we might not be able to manage in a relationship or that autistic people don’t make good partners. I think that autistic people are just…

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