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Modeling Makes It Happen

Since the last chapter in my life and moving in the current one, I have been using technology as a way to model behaviors and tasks in order for me to progress to the next one. At 35, I can actually feel progress, my life is becomming more organized and I feel much better about myself and the future ahead.


POEM: Why I Don’t Wear A Mask (From Facebook)

Although I don't usually condone not wearing a mask, some folks, especially in the Autism Community cannot tolerate wearing them. This poem, shared by a friend on Facebook, highlights that indeed the autism community is criticized for non compliance and bullied for not wearing a mask That woman you shamed in the grocery store, because… Continue reading POEM: Why I Don’t Wear A Mask (From Facebook)

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Concentrating on COVID: The Order of Operations

we have to remember that the order of Operation doesn't always happen the way we orchestrate.It also doesn't mean that you don't need to act out or get out of shape because your plans don't happen exactly the way you want them to or the same way they've been doing for 20 years.



Note: This poem was adapted from an mother of a fifteen year old autistic nonverbal boy explaining his coming of age. While my experience was completely different, it was nonetheless as trying as just receiving the diagnosis of Aspergers almost two years prior and they along with those who were intended to help me were uncertain about the diagnosis, that would become ASD 1 in 2013.


Union Station Weekly: Volume 2: Issue 7 – July 17, 2020

As part of my virtual clubhouse attendance we compose a weekly newsletter that is published each Friday, I have decided to include those writings in my Blog. Thoughts on Returning The Clubhouse Environment is certainly different since we left the facility on March 16th. We can’t do many things that we used to do because… Continue reading Union Station Weekly: Volume 2: Issue 7 – July 17, 2020

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This Weeks’ Feature: The Angry “Karens”

So this weekend, I was in another dark depressive blah's. I now know it was because I was in another of those dark depressive spirals of not medicating properly for several days on end. It became to the point this past Saturday, where I could focus myself on my cell phone on Facebook Live watching hours upon hours of angry "Karen" meltdowns, before I did so the next day.

Fireworks 2019
COVID-19 Series

COVID-19: Resurgence

As of this writing, the cases are resurging in our county. 12 new ones yesterday, 11 today. It looks bleak. Telehealth is being extended, the bleakness goes on and on. I do worry about a return to where we were almost four months ago, but I also have to realize that I have no control over what happens nor those actions of others. Slowly things are beginning to revert their ways, school proms are being cancelled or modified, store entrances are being closely monitored for mandated masking, it continues to be enhanced.

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Overcoming the Fear of Fireworks

When I was a young boy, I had a big fear of fireworks,. One year the fire company would set off in our field because they had no where to set them off. Because of the loud noises that were produced, this caused a great deal of anxiety in the summer, especially when near firework displays that I would make life miserable for my family.