Reflections: Live as if Your Life Counts On It

Sometimes we need a wake-up call to understand how life is and that you need to stop flirting with disaster and just do what is right for once. That was me a few weeks ago and while it was not one certain thing, these events have made me understand the importance of getting back and doing things that I need to do for myself.

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Adulting: Fighting Immaturity

Being an autistic adult in my late-thirties, it can be hard to realize just that. Oftentimes, I want to bring my challenges and concerns to the spotlight and make it all about me in a very immature kind of way as if I deserve to have the negative attention and others, especially those in my close circle deserve the anguish I lash out at them.


Reflections: Leading More By Example

Many times, I disregard the fact that I am a well-liked person and am often seen as an example of someone who faces their challenges. While I do my best, it is important to know that I too am not perfect and have my moments as well.

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Sometimes... Sometimes in life we excel. Sometimes in life we fail. Sometimes in life...we ignore the signs of what we need to do.It isn't like we haven't been told what to do time and time again. We know what it does to us if we don't listen to our bodies. This thing called autism, it… Continue reading Sometimes…

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Adulting: Being the Adult

One of the hardest things when it comes to living my life is having to do things that adults do. While these sometimes may have a more intensive degree of intensity for an autistic person, many times it just takes getting out the door, and getting off to a right start.

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Wellness Wednesday: Following Through and Breaking the Fear Factor

Being autistic, you constantly second guess yourself and whether you are doing the right thing. I am always wondering whether or not it was a “good move” to do something or not. But, when it is something that will have a little bit of an effect on you, then there is no harm in doing it.

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Wellness Wednesday: Understanding Your Limits

Sometimes being autistic, it can be hard to understand that your body has a limit on what it can do. As such I have learned the hard way that things have to happen in order for me to be my best self and not fall into the trap that I have long fallen into.

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Not Falling Back

Sometimes as autistic people, we are gullible to believe everything we hear and think something may work for us. In reality, it can be more damaging than you can imagine and the time to bounce back from where you were is a challenge. Three years from hitting rock bottom, I hope I can keep moving forward and less backwards.


Reflections: Four Years…Much Growth

With the new developments in the new year, I have been reflecting deeply on where I was four years ago as the bottom was starting to fall out on my mental wellness. It reminds me that I never  want to get to that point again, to try to strive better and advocate for change,

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Adulting: Calling It A Night

One of my biggest struggles that I have had in my time being on my own is when I have to “call it a night.” My brain is always flowing with ideas of things to do and see throughout the day and whether or not my body sometimes thinks it needs to shut down, I often want to fight my body and not shut down for the day.

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Early to Bed… Early to Rise

I took this picture almost 3 years ago. Connellsville Veterans Memorial on an early January 2020 morning I have grown immensely since then mentally. So much has happened between the world and I. But one thing that hasn't changed is the fact that I like to start my day earlier than much of the world.… Continue reading Early to Bed… Early to Rise

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Wellness Wednesday: Medication Milestone

Without much ado, many of my followers have withstood me throughout the struggles since literally the writing of my blog with my medication. I am proud to say that with all honesty, I only missed one dose in all of the last prescription box. This is a BIG achievement for me.