Hello, my name is Dustin and I have Autism! Since being diagnosed at the age of 14, I have been actively finding out as much information as possible about my gift. Many said I wouldn’t graduate High School, I did! Many said I wouldn’t go out of town and be successful in training. I exceeded and overcame that obstacle having high grades and not having one behavioral issue while attending there. Many said I wouldn’t have a steady job. I’ve been employed for nine years now doing something I love. I even took some time to earn an Associates in Applied Science Degree in Web Publishing a few years back from Westmoreland County Community College.

In 2017, I received the Leadership in Recovery Award for Fayette County from Value Behavioral Health for exemplifying someone who has been there and done that. Presently, I am Facilitator of the Fayette County Partners Recovery/ Community Support Program, Chairman of the Fayette County Advocacy Network Governance Committee. I believe that attainment in some maintainable life is possible for each and every individual on the spectrum. I have also be awarded numerous outstanding achiever awards from Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania, the most recent one in April 2019
So much has changed within the past year. Last August, I moved out of my parents’ house and on my own, two months later I began drivers’ education ultimately becoming a licensed driver in January of this year. I have been successful in maintaining my independence, although there have been a few minor issues, I manage it and enjoy it. I don’t know what the future entails, however I am very hopeful that it will be a great one.

A sidebar is that we walk in the Laurel Highlands Autism Speaks Walk each fall. We have been successful in securing campaigns and love the walk every year.

Mission Statement

Dustin’s Dynasty’s mission is to inspire, motivate and support individuals on the autism spectrum, their families and supporters in finding necessary resources and supports to have a successful life.

Vision Statement

Dustin’s Dynasty envisions that those diagnosed with autism as an inclusive, wide array of abled individuals that can be an asset to the communities they reside and should have the resources at their disposal to attain such.