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Wellness Wednesday: When It’s So Hard to Give Up, but you know that You Can’t

This week has been a tough spot in the wellness journey. I had performed exceptionally well over the past week by exercising regularly and trying my best to cook at home with foods that are healthy to eat that I like and limiting sugary beverages, yet within an hour of attending the weekly weigh-in, I sabotage the work I invested in my body by eating junk food all day and drinking tea excessively.

COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: A Lesson In Resiliency

We have been in a national pandemic for over a year now. Of anything I have experienced in the year and that has been a lot, it has taught me to be resilient. I have continually been retooling myself as far as mind, body and spirit to be well physically and mentally.

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Local counselor, college professor’s film recounts his autism diagnosis

By Karen Mansfield, Uniontown Herald Standard March 25, 2021 For most of his life, Dr. Rueben Brock struggled to maintain close relationships. At the age of 45, he received a diagnosis that helped him understand why. Although he has always excelled in social situations, Brock – by his own admission – lacked empathy as… Continue reading Local counselor, college professor’s film recounts his autism diagnosis

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Healthy Lifestyle, Wellness Wedbesday

Wellness Wednesday: Stepping Safe Back into the Community

So as a continuum of yesterday’s post on having the inertia to activate we are gradually beginning to do things pre-COVID. Although we did things like walk during COVID, we have experienced the winter blues and have been stuck at times under the frigid northeast winters by being at home in Zoom and other meetings throughout the day.

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Concentrating On COVID: Intertia to Activate

The spring weather has come out in full swing recently. It’s Daylight longer (the Pennsylvania General Assembly is considering extending Daylight Saving Time the entire year (I’m crossing my fingers this happens!) The temperature is getting pretty seasonable. Yet, I have experienced inertia of becoming active and stepping back safe into the community. For over a year, I have secluded myself mostly in my very own limited bubble.


Adulting: Someone Else’s Journey is Not Yours

Oftentimes, in the modes of social media the journey of autistics. We see their milestones and their downfalls. We also oftentimes want to compare their struggles to our own. We wonder why we are continuing to do the things that we are doing, yet they have since moved on and out of our sight leaving us in the dust. This is when we as autistics and neurotypicals alike must remember that one’s life journey is simply theirs.

Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly: March 26, 2021; Volume 6, Issue 8

Spring turns a corner in my step. It has made me realize that I need to improve my wellness as far as getting back on the weight loss train for real. No gimmicks, no fabrications. I need to get outside as long as the weather isn't too bad each and every day, no matter what I do. . I want to get back to the gym on the days I am away from the Clubhouse so that I can get back in shape.

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Feds Propose Changes To Disability Employment Rules

by Michelle Diament, via Disability Scoop | March 15, 2021 Jordan Allison, who has autism, works as a swatch and button specialist in the special order department at Hart Schaffner Marx in Des Plaines, Ill. in 2016. (Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune/TNS) The Biden administration is reconsidering what should qualify as competitive integrated employment for people with… Continue reading Feds Propose Changes To Disability Employment Rules

COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: One Year…

Today marks one year since many, including myself entered a world of unknown..However, as we hit the one-year anniversary as the world we live in change dramatically, mental health in everyone is declining, not just in the autistics and individuals diagnosed with mental, intellectual or developmental dragonesses, but those who wouldn’t have any issue at all.

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Adulting: We Don’t See It

While being an autistic can have its talents like being organized and ritual, we have to remember that this being autistic is of spectrum manner and as such not everyone operates in the aforementioned manner. We can run in the polar opposite to points where we do not recognize that things are out of place or see “What is Wrong with the Picture?” that Neurotypicals see.