Wellness Wednesday: When It’s So Hard to Give Up, but you know that You Can’t

This week has been a tough spot in the wellness journey. I had performed exceptionally well over the past week by exercising regularly and trying my best to cook at home with foods that are healthy to eat that I like and limiting sugary beverages, yet within an hour of attending the weekly weigh-in, I sabotage the work I invested in my body by eating junk food all day and drinking tea excessively.

Local counselor, college professor’s film recounts his autism diagnosis

By Karen Mansfield, Uniontown Herald Standard March 25, 2021 https://youtu.be/6Qb5wyndN98 For most of his life, Dr. Rueben Brock struggled to maintain close relationships. At the age of 45, he received a diagnosis that helped him understand why. Although he has always excelled in social situations, Brock – by his own admission – lacked empathy as … Continue reading Local counselor, college professor’s film recounts his autism diagnosis

Wellness Wednesday: Stepping Safe Back into the Community

Overlooking the River

So as a continuum of yesterday’s post on having the inertia to activate we are gradually beginning to do things pre-COVID. Although we did things like walk during COVID, we have experienced the winter blues and have been stuck at times under the frigid northeast winters by being at home in Zoom and other meetings throughout the day.