Wellness Wednesday: Gratitude, Goals and Addiction

First of all, to fill the void of free time during the COVID Pandemic, I have decided to start the new year by bringing back the Wellness Wednesday series that I started and never finished earlier this year. My Weekly feature will now be released on Thursday as a result of this change. Here’s to a good new year.

Advocates: COVID-19 Relief Leaves Out People With Disabilities

With a $900 billion COVID-19 relief package, Congress yet again denied stimulus payments to some people with disabilities and failed to offer funding for home- and community-based services. Under pressure, federal lawmakers approved the massive stimulus package after much wrangling in late December. The measure includes $600 cash payments for many Americans — including those … Continue reading Advocates: COVID-19 Relief Leaves Out People With Disabilities

Concentrating On COVID: Not Giving Up On Our Dreams

Yes, COVID might have uprooted our routines as an autistic community but it certainly can’t stop us from having what we need or want to do. If you asked me six months ago that I would be getting back on my feet in five, I would second-guess every thought you would give me but it happened, during COVID.

Having to Become More of Adult in 2021

Being under further restrictions because of COVID has made me in more of a thinking mode, but having more of a positivity theme rather than the old poor, pitiful, spoiled little brat me. It has made me realize that I have only one life and I can choose to live it positively and act more … Continue reading Having to Become More of Adult in 2021

Concentrating On COVID: “Same Old, Same Old”

Continuing on the supposed last week of the governmental regulations has me see more masks and social distancing taking place, however there continues to be a few who do not wear a mask in public, thus making me fearful that people are not following the honor system. The government will only give you so much play to play against before the restrictions have hampered the COVID Mitigation process.

Book Review: Autism, Sexuality and My Brain

This quick Kindle read takes the reader on the course of a young man who battles his autistic desires for the feel the female skin, but receives many shortcomings based on the inability to know the social construct that becomes unknown to many on the autism spectrum face. The author also explains him being homophobically bullied because he did not associate with a female aquantience in school growing up and the trauma it caused.