Murray Run March 2022
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Gratitude for Laundry

Somedays, you have to be thankful for something like your own washer and dryer and the luxuries it provides you because many take it for granted, and today was one of those days. Now I know there are friends that have to share, etc. and many know I have been there and this is not… Continue reading Gratitude for Laundry

Fayette County Behavioral Health Administration Building
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A Year Later. I recovered and I listened.

I took a picture of my serving of cheesecake last year as the day program was celebrating #NationalCheesecakeDay. Shortly after, due to a multitude of factors, I experienced an intense meltdown because I was Unable to regognize the signs and take care of myself earlier. It was what started the process of learning and growing… Continue reading A Year Later. I recovered and I listened.

Union Station Weekly

Union Station News – Volume 2, Issue 3- July 2022

Note: As part of my Day Program, I contribure to the program's newsletter. In June 2021, that Newsletter transitoned to a monthly basis as much of the elements of the program are back to a in-person status.

Handicap Parking
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Disability Pride Is Not Entitlement

32 years ago in the United States, then-President George W. Bush signed into law the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) to protect those with disabilities from discrimination. While many think being disabled has to be visible to the naked eye, it most certainly does not and while it can be easy to pass judgment when not being able to easily see the disability, it proves that we don’t have to know the specific disability but must honor the request that is being made.

Parkwood Power
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Wellness Wednesday: Accepting the Need to Take Care Of Myself

Last week, I realized that I was not equipped mentally to endure the challenges that I needed to face within a certain environment. It can be hard to take a step back and take care of myself, but recently, I have accepted needing to do so in order to protect myself and others from myself experiencing adverse actions that could affect everyone in the end.

Selfie of Membership SIgn
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Reflections: Pushing Myself Away From Social Connection

One of the traits of my being autistic is being socially awkward. While I have come a long way in understanding the social nuances of the world, there’s times of connecting with others that has caused a regression of wanting to extend myself out again with the feeling of being hurt or rejected for who I am, although in many cases, I am assured that is not the case and I am accepted for who I am.

The Hiram G. Andres Center near Johnstown, PA, USA
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Adulting: Self-Sabotage

Recently, I have been mostly in a bad spot. I have realized that I have spun into this pattern of self-sabotage of not wanting to reach out to those that reach out to me for friendship and support. I live in fear of many actions that I have experienced in past experiences and relationships that came mostly from toxic people, although not all people are that way, I automatically jump to that theory because of having many toxic relationships and having skewed thoughts.

Blue Knob State Park PA Family Cabin Shower House
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My Constant Journey With Self-Esteem and Negative Thoughts

Our mind can be our own worst enemy. For me, I have experienced decades of being told what I did wrong and the bad things I was, this in turn has lowered my self-esteem greatly, yet I am working on turning my thought patterns around.

A Photo showing the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
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Wellness Wednesday: Meditation, Grounding and Relaxing

For many years, I thought of meditation as a waste or one of those things for hippies or old people. I was taught grounding and relaxing techniques near when I hit rock bottom over two years ago. I am now realizing the benefits of these things and incorporating them into my daily life and how much better they make me feel in my life and my ability to conquer things.

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What Everyone Else Does

In recent weeks, I have been accepting the need for free time where I am not engaged in an object or item at hand. For most of my life, until I chose not to have Cable TV in my own home at 35, when it has been all I know, I am realizing that I can choose and limit the content I watch in order to keep me entertained and not so much engaged in something.

A Pavilion at a local park
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Wellness Wednesday: Sticking to It

In life, it is important to stick to certain things in order for them to work and make you well. I am beginning to learn why it is more than ever important to stick with your medication regimen. While it may not be for some, I know I have the perfect cocktail in order to maintain optimal wellness.

A Pavilion at a local park
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Reflections: Autistic Burnout & Free Time

Over the years, I have been reading more about Autistic Burnout and exactly what it is. I think that I have always experienced it, but never understood it, nor have I accepted the fact that it is OK to not be constantly engaged in something, whether it be a special interest or something that I like to do that isn’t an interest. I am starting to learn finally that autisicic burnout is something that comes with the autism diagnosis and that accepting it will put my mind more at ease and I will be able to function better in life.

A panoramic picture of the Local River
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Adulting: Autonomy, A Year Later

If you have been following my blog since the early beginnings of routine writings last year, I spoke early about autonomy. At that time, I had heard that from an advocate on Facebook and I thought what it meant, but last week, I am starting to really feel what I want it to mean.