Voting Resources in PA

It is up to each of us to practice our right to vote and elect the candidates that best represent the issues we care about. Below please find a list of resources on voting that we hope will be helpful in preparing for Election Day!


Everyone Votes PA

Through Everyone.votesPA, voters can learn about their rights and what they can expect when they go to the polls. Use the website and supporting documents to learn about registering to vote, check your voter registration status, apply for an absentee ballot, find your polling place and get answers to frequently asked questions regarding the voting process. Resources are available in English and Spanish.

10 Tips for Voters with Disabilities

This two page document provides information on where to learn more about voting, how to register to vote, choosing the right method for yourself, communicating your needs, and checking the location and accessibility of your polling place.

Voting: The Purpose and Process

This infographic highlights the purpose and process for voting. Voting is one way individuals can participate in choosing people who make decisions for them and their communities. This infographic outlines the steps that must be followed to register to vote and the process for voting on Election Day.

Election Day Survival Kit for Voters with Disabilities

In order to help prepare for Election Day, voters with disabilities need to be prepared for the challenges they may face.  This Survival Kit will provide information needed to vote. This kit is a Frequently Asked Questions format and includes information on Voter ID requirements, polling places, voting booth assistance, absentee voting and additional resources.

PA Online Voter Registration

This is a link to an online application to register to vote in Pennsylvania. This also includes a link to a blank voter registration form, for individuals who may prefer to submit a voter registration form by mail. Voting information is also available for individuals who are on active duty in the military or a hospitalized or bedridden veteran.

PA Voter Services: Finding Your Polling Place

This Pennsylvania Department of State website allows you to enter your home address to find out which polling place you will go to vote. 

Rooted in Rights Voting Video

Rooted in Rights produces videos and social media campaigns exclusively on disability rights issues. This page has tailored videos on assisting voters with disabilities, formerly incarcerated voters and Spanish-speaking voters.


A website maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of State, where residents of Pennsylvania can learn more about voting and elections, registering to vote, election complaints and access their resource center which includes voting forms.

Including People with Disabilities in Your Political Campaign: A Guide for Campaign Staff

A website from the National Council on Independent Living with information about how to include people with disabilities in political campaigns. The website also includes a guide for campaign staff that can be downloaded in PDF, Word or Plain text documents.

Voting: The Purpose and the Process

This resource, developed by ASERT, provides information on the purpose of voting as well as explains the process of voting.