Sensory Bag

While what an autistic person’s sensory issues that they have to combat are unique to them, as I began to be more understanding of the complexities of the world that is not built in many cases to accommodate the sensory needs of many autistics, including environmental triggers that could further cause sensory overload, I realized that I needed to develop my own “sensory” bag to properly equip myself for points in my day when I need to protect myself from sensory overload.One thing that you will need to start off with is a basic backpack that is easy for you to carry and for me had many pockets to best keep things organized.

The Contents of my “sensory bag”

So in working in the above picture in a clockwise direction I will explain the contents of my sensory bag.

  • Old Electronics that can be used as a backup: MP3 Player, Old Cell Phone, Old Amazon Kindle, etc.
    If you are my age, you could have something that isn’t either connected to the web or can be easily accessed to the web via public WI-fi. While one may have their current devices on their person such as their cell phone, etc. you never know IF they will stop working and could cause a sensory hell for an autistic person. Having backups such as these items readily accessible makes sure that in moments of need that you have them available to crush any sensory issues you need to battle.
    In the instances of the older devices, they should be programmed with apps and other tools to stimulate or educate in instances where they do not require an Internet connection.
  • Power supplies, cords, battery packs and a case for them all.
    If you have electronics either on your person or in the bag, you could have the need to charge them near the end of their life There may also be instances where you may not have access to an electrical outlet and that is where a handheld power bank can be of use to give you some power until you reach a more stable electric connection. Many of these things can be found at Five Below or similar stores.
  • Foldable Stand for electronic devices
    Having this can be a miracle when you need to divert from a common space where you can be stationed and need to get away for a bit in order to calm down. Having it be a foldable can assure that it minimizes space while reaching the fullest potential of doing its work.
  • Something that I found essential to have in my sensory bag is several types of notepads (adhesive notes, journal and tablet styles) that can not only be used in a way to properly express your frustration and anger, but also can be used if you are unable to speak to someone or may need to write something down so you can properly get your point across to someone who may not be able to understand what you may need in times of distress. With that I keep a container of multiple styles of writing instruments so that I can be creative or serious when I need to be in various stages of writing to make it as I need to make it.
  • With today’s world it goes without saying that necessary precautionary measures are needed such as a mask, tissues, bandaids, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes are a staple in any bag.
  • Ear Defenders of your liking are also imperative for when those moments arise where potential bluteooth may not be working or there may be issues with connecting, other ear defenders break, so it may be helpful to have a backup just in case something goes wrong.
  • Lastly, I purchased a box of sensory toys from Amazon that has a wide array of things in it in the event all things fail and I just need to plainly calm down.

These items are what works for me, they do not work for everyone but I thought I would share them to my website as a suggestion of what something such as a “sensory bag” could include.