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The Coke Can Effect

Recently on Facebook, I seen a post where a picure of a child was pictured laying on the floor underneatht table, it mentioned ADHD and Anxiety, which alot of times go hand in hand with individuals on the spectrum, however it is referred to as the "Coke Can effect" and while the majority of behaviors… Continue reading The Coke Can Effect

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Autism and Maturity

This week has been quite the busiest week for individuals on the spectrum far and wide. We've seen a brave 16-year old Girl from across the pond strive and come to the states to press the needs for changing the way we think about the planet. We've heard of the middle schooler that was given… Continue reading Autism and Maturity

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Autism Awareness in Fayette County

I wrote this article for a day program for their April 2019 Newsletter to bring to light the need for more autism-related natural supports and services in Fayette County Pennsylvania. Yesterday, I ran into a professional not only seeking information for individuals transitioning into adulthood in my county, but the adjoining county as well, and as such thought the need to share this article.