Adulting: Age-Appropriateness

what I would receive for Christmas may not have always been kindly acknowledged or accepted by me and sometimes I would not express proper gratitude for the gifts. Now some things you would say were not appropriate for my age. So many autistics sometimes can have a liking for things that do not measure up to their age level.

Vocal / Verbal Stimming

For the Wednesday Feature, I have dawdled throughout the day on what exactly to write about. I have settled on Verbal and Vocal Stimming. Similar to Echolalia, these aforementioned two is where phrases or tones are sounded from an autistic person in continuum as a stimulation mechanism just like the common stims such as hand flapping and other external gestures. However, these two involve the autistics voice and at times can be quite noticeable if one gets their voice high.

Concentrating On COVID: Re-Mitigation

Although I have my rough moments, which can be expected in a month of so many changes for an autistic person. I personally have to realize that I need to be thankful and grateful for all the blessings that I do have this year and think about those that are less fortunate than me this year. I have so much to be happy about that I don’t need to be sad one bit. I know this week won’t be easy, but I am certain that I will be resilient and overcome it.

Adulting: Loneliness

This week is going to present challenges in attempting to not be lonely and with the onset of Thanksgiving in the US it will be extremely rough because many both on and off the spectrum will for the first time in our lives be experiencing the holiday in a way that we have not been used to. We as a nation and community must persevere and grow and learn from it. Reach out to necessary supports should you need them there’s several of them out there!

Empathy in Autists

As we known a commonly known myth of autistics is that we lack empathy. I, along with other autists do not believe that. Sometimes we come across as we don’t grieve or care about things that may be a striking moment such as someone passing. When in reality, it just doesn’t come to our brain at the moment until weeks or sometimes months after the fact that it happened that we just randomly burst in tears.

Concentrating On COVID: It’s Getting Real

If any time during the COVID-19 Pandemic has come to the point that I am scared, it is now. There’s looming talk of restrictions, plans for the holidays are suggested to be held in other ways than the traditional methods that we have been used to all our lives. Plans are being made in the event that lockdown occurs, although we are assured by state officials that it’s not going to happen.

Adulting: The Need To Be Appreciative of Help

For the majority of my life I was know as the “Spoiled Little Brat” when I don’t get my way or I don’t like the way things are done. Sometimes we don’t realize that while we don’t like the way things happen or the way others do things for us, especially when they are extending a branch of themselves to give you a helping hand when you are in need. Sometimes autistics have a hard time understanding this and are not always appreciative of the help that is offered, sometimes by their own family, which can result in a skewed relationship.