Concentrating On COVID: What COVID Has Made Me Discover About Myself

Connellsville Glass Arch 2021

As much as we have learned about COVID as the virus has evolved over the near past two years, it also taught me alot about myself. While the world shut down and regenerated itself, it taught me the need to practice actual self-care and that mental health is OK to think about and to invest in more than I had previously.

Adapting To the New Environment

Year Round Fountain Panorama January 2022

One of the key points of being autistic is knowing that we don’t like to change the way we do things. Autistics are very regimented about ourselves and we thrive off routines. And while I made 2022 about doing new things and following new routines so that I can track my progress throughout the year,. I must learn that while doing these things, that I must adapt to the way things are at the present moment. 

Wellness Wednesday: No Health Without Mental Health

Fog Burning on the River

This week I want to share my mental health story during the COVID Pandemic. I feel this is important to the wellness of everyone in the autistic community both individuals and those serving them. Remember, there is no health without mental health.

How to Make Moving House Easier on Your Child

Moving house with kids can feel pretty chaotic, but if you have a child with autism, it’s important to consider how it feels from their shoes. Although not all children with autism are alike, it’s extremely common for kids on the spectrum to get a lot of anxiety about change. If even minor changes in routine leave your kid frazzled or out of sorts, then it’s important to make sure you tackle moving house as compassionately as possible.