Wellness Wednesday: Dealing With Body Image and Self-Worth

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Recently, I have been dealing with accepting my body image and being proud of it. It can be hard for a person of my size to be proud of my body when I know it needs a lot of work that is truly my responsibility to work to make improvements to it. However, being such, it can be difficult to accept compliments from others on my appearance because I do not believe that I am worthy of it.

Reflections: What I Didn’t Know Then

Dunbar Township Elementary Newspaper Photo 1968

Recently, my parents were cleaning their house and brought to me some of my possessions. Some of these were some elementary school yearbooks that I had. Taking a look into one of them brought to light some discoveries about things that happened at the time, both good and bad that made me realize that I have been destined to be on the journey that I am on.

Adulting: Only Held Back By Fear

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I continue to live the way I live in life because what I really want in life is held up by a huge wall of fear. Fear of what? Something not going the way it is supposed to be? Fear I cannot do it? Fear of doing something that you’ve never done or leaving the only thing you've known all your life? It’s all fearful. I won’t lie.

Reflections: Why All Voices Are Important in Advocacy.

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In recent years, there has been much divide between self-advocates and family members of autistics about the advocating for all autistics. Sometimes when either side is advocating for things that they are passionate about, it must be understood that it is their experience and that everyone experiences things differently as autism is indeed a spectrum disorder.

Adulting: Autism and Anger

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Recently, somebody asked me, does autism cause anger? I seriously had to choose my words wisely because while autism is a neurological condition, certain environmental factors can be the cause of an autistic person experiencing anger if they do not have the tools in their toolbox to properly manage their emotions at that moment.