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Adulting: Expected Maturity and Expectations

In most cases, when you come of age and become an adult, if you are able in the capacity that you are able, it is expected that you explore the possibility of being employed to some extent. However, my mind many times thinks that I don’t need to do that, even though I know that is not the case.

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Adulting: Increasing Maturity and Independence

As I continue to work on my overall wellness, I am beginning to realize that I am beginning to develop my own sense of assurance and maturity as far as being more comfortable making decisions on my own and not relying as much on the guidance of those I have sought for so long to base my decision for me. I am also realizing that despite the opinions of others, I am the one that has to be satisfied with making that decision.

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Adulting: Accepting Presumed Immaturity By Others

Many times people can perceive that we have something “wrong” with us. This is just not for autistics alone, but for many with invisible disabilities and challenges, As disabled individuals, it can tear at us inside when others treat us as less mature than we know we are. We must be the stronger ones in the situation and not react to their signs of immaturity or fear because of their assumptions and fear.


The Network

We grow up as young boys and girls We're told that we are to befriend our peers Many of peers on peers in school charter these scary waters for the first time we snarl. For we are doing only what we are told. We're included in mates birthday's Some are just with us boys, some… Continue reading The Network

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Reflections of a Meltdown

Note: Adapted from the article from the Aspergian and related to my last meltdown It wasn’t a bad day, in fact it was pretty good. I had worked out earlier in the day and it stormed in the morning, later I would learn that my parents had issues with their broadband service. They had called… Continue reading Reflections of a Meltdown

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Teens’ Autonomy – A decision I took to advantage at that age that bites me today!

Note: The featured photo is my 8th Grade School photo, taken a few months before the behavioral health symptoms took me down the path of my recovery journey, I saw this linked to an Autism Adovacy blog ant thought the need to reference my story on that road two decades ago. Before a recent law… Continue reading Teens’ Autonomy – A decision I took to advantage at that age that bites me today!

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Autism and Maturity

This week has been quite the busiest week for individuals on the spectrum far and wide. We've seen a brave 16-year old Girl from across the pond strive and come to the states to press the needs for changing the way we think about the planet. We've heard of the middle schooler that was given… Continue reading Autism and Maturity