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Mindfully Resting

As an autistic person, our brains can constantly be in overdrive. It can be constantly brewing thoughts that can sometimes be negative and if they are allowed to spiral and obsess out of control. Having a healthy balance of when to entertain and rest your mind is key in living independently as an autistic person.

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Wellness Wednesday: New Year…New Mindset

As we start the second month of 2023, I am continuing the journey of having a positive mindset in 2023. I am making so many changes for the better, letting go of the past and allowing myself to be my true and genuine self while understanding I want to be an overall healthier person.


Reflections: Being More Regulated

As we end the first month of 2023, it can be proven that I have been more regulated. This started in 2022 and was made steadfast in 2023. It has taken hard work on parts of me as a human being and a person with my challenges to understand life and how things finally work.

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Adulting: Sense of Mood

Being an autistic adult, it can be hard to recognize that you have to know how you are regulating your mood. This can play a part in having a sense of it when having to interact with others and recognize when you need to take a break and take care of yourself before moving on.

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Doing What’s Right

Whether we like to hear things or not, it can sometimes be a struggle to accept them for what they are. Having to follow through with things because it is necessary for us to be there or be our best selves can sometimes be hard to see if you don’t feel it, but you must know it's right.

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Wellness Wednesday: Having Better Habits

As 2023 arrived, I realized that I needed to do a reality check on all things on the wellness front. I had to realize that in 2023 I needed to get real about all parts of wellness, physical, mental and spiritual.


Relections: Letting Go of What I Cannot Change

As I started 2023 a few weeks ago, I am working to be a better me. One of those things I did that I didn’t even know that I would be doing would be letting go of things that were bothering me and trying to focus on what I needed spiritual guidance on.

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Adulting: Keeping Positive Energy

For the majority of my life, I could never see the positive of a situation. No matter what was presumed of a situation, I would bring up some sort of negative connotation or the worst thing about something that could be intended to be a nice day out.

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Struggling With Transitions

Recently, I have realized and accepted that much of my moments regarding increased anxiety and anger result from struggling with the fact that I need to prepare myself to transition to something outside of a safe space to something that has the potential to be unpredictable or where I have no control. I have also understood that this is what comes with being autistic.

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Wellness Wednesday: Recognizing Wellness

My brain is often wired to see the bad in my life. There are however many good things in my life and one focal point of being well is seeing that my wellness is better than I think it is often, regardless of wanting to think negatively about things that happen.


Reflections: Moving On

Sometimes in life as a person in general, we need to realize that we need to move on beyond the points that we think we can defend ground in a reason of why something should be. It has taken radical acceptance in many cases to understand that there are things that must be in life or that cannot be controlled by me to grasp reality in the present moment.


Reflections: Understanding Traits

While understanding my own autism in recent months, I have begun to learn to be more accepting and understanding of the traits of my autistic peers. While there can be barriers in understanding how other autistics operate, it is something I realized that I needed to do to improve my relationship with the autistic community at-large.

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Understanding Your Body

As a neurodiverse person, it can be hard to understand your body. This can be hard in knowing what you can manage versus what you cannot. It can be challenging when entering a world that just isn’t made for the neurodiverse population.

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Wellness Wednesday: Taking A Break

Being autistic, my brain is constantly overthinking. It can be a wonder sometimes when I know I need to take a break. It can be the fact of having to fight with my body for the need to just relax and take it easy so I do not become overwhelmed or overloaded to the point that I completely shut down.