Wellness Wednesday: “Progress is Progress”

Walmart at Sunsrt

Loving the sun, and just near a week and a half until Daylight Saving time begins here in the US, the sun is rising before I head out on the days I do and they sun is setting after six (finally). I also think with the snow melted and the clouds opening up some last week has cheered my mood, for the most part.

Wellness Wednesday: Flipping the Coin

Well, another week has come by and it has been seriously a week of highs and lows. From experiencing a near meltdown about having to walk long distances in the local supercenter, to actually making changes to better my health and adapt portion control and seeing some weight come off, I am hoping that I am finally seeing the turn of the coin to the realization point that I cannot eat whatever I want just because I have the freedom to do so.

Not Because I Want To, But Because I Have To

. Related to that is the necessary to sometimes for autistics to take a break and recharge our batteries. Sometimes we just have had a full palate of a day whether that is at the day program or working a job that consumes a great deal of our energy because of our sensory overload, attention to detail, the working of our keen minds, whatever it may be.

Wellness Wednesday: Sleep is necessary to Autistic Wellbeing

Sleep. Its one of the most common know ill effects of the autistic brain. Many autistics struggle with It continually through life. To find that perfect balance of sleep and liveliness is key and crucial to living. For many autistics sleep deprivation happens quite routinely mainly because we cannot get our information loaded brains to stop working after being in action for a lengthy period of time, or it just doesn’t have the ability to cease operations and shut down in the way a neurotypical person’s brain operates.

Wellness Wednesday: The Winter Blues

We as both autistics/neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals must be aware that we must be cognizant of what our needs are even the ones that come natural in a pandemic and winterized world that in no way seems normal because of all the schedule changes. Remember, there is no health without mental health.

Wellness Wednesday: Accepting Our Coping Mechanisms

I know I sound like a broken record when I say that my post for Wednesday is late, but I’ve heard many great things this week and have too discovered many great things. One of those things is that wellness doesn’t just include our physical health, but it includes our mental and spiritual health too! We cannot be physically well without our mental health. I have said many times that Mental Health and Autism do correlate greatly. With that in mind I am going to spend this week on accepting out coping mechanisms.

Wellness Wednesday: COVID Fatigue

I am sorry to again bring up something COVID related, however, I personally feel that it is important subject to bring up. As we are beginning to see a little bit of light in the tunnel of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are just passing the tenth month of it. While I might consider a little bit of myself privileged to be able to go out, I personally know that many others cannot and that they are struggling far worse than I and the others that can leave their homes.

Wellness Wednesday: When You Want to Cry but Can’t

Reality struck this weekend. My mother and I were out shopping and I decided to dine out at one of the safest restaurants in the community. We went in and were seated at a booth. Once I got in the booth, it was difficult to maneuver, granted I had a coat on. I wanted to cry so bad.

Wellness Wednesday: Gratitude, Goals and Addiction

First of all, to fill the void of free time during the COVID Pandemic, I have decided to start the new year by bringing back the Wellness Wednesday series that I started and never finished earlier this year. My Weekly feature will now be released on Thursday as a result of this change. Here’s to a good new year.