Concentrating On COVID: Pros and Cons

Whilst many people do have to daunt the PPE and become tired in doing so, they have to remember that there are still individuals than cannot return to normalcy by having places closed or having services delivered another way, I get it, we as autistics can be tired of the sudden changes this presents with roving closures and sudden changes and while for many autistics this adapting to change isn’t our strong suit, by having to likely is teaching us a life lesson in doing so,

Concentrating On COVID: The Vaccine

Vaccination Clinic

Likely you turn on the TV today and you hear about “the vaccine”. Like the many other orders and guidance from our leaders around the world and the United States, distribution is being done in a varied amount of methods, especially the latter. Furthermore, when you break it down by states, distribution plans are left up to either the state, county or other local governing board. This makes it very complicated and typically doesn’t have the same vaccination hierarchy.

Concentrating On COVID: Advances

Today, marks 11 months of the United States classifying COVID-19 as a National Emergency. It has been a trying time for several of the world’s population, including autistics who abruptly and for many times several months have had their daily routines, something we thrive in be uprooted and a long sense of unknown. Then came the summer and fall that wasn’t really fun for many. Lastly, we have had a severe winter across much of the United States that has made many of us have increased cabin fever due to the necessity of staying indoors.

Concentrating On COVID: Motivation to Do the Expected

Because of COVID, many including myself cannot sometimes handle the dullness and isolation as a result of the government restrictions. Additionally, we may acquire increased anxiety and depression as a result of that isolation that is experienced. It can get to a point where one can lose the motivation to do things such as take care of their habitat

Concentrating on COVID: The Imperialization of Music to Cope

Today, I had memories running in my head of how things were when COVID first began. I worked from Home; the day program wasn’t open to in person service. Two weeks after we were sent home, a virtual routine was established, but to gear up for that day, I would have to get my mind in that moment as it was a new thing and at times very contentious. You also have to keep in mind that besides COVID, I was dealing with all the uncertainties of my former home at the time. Lastly, the world as we knew it was cut off and at one point, we were under a stay at home order. However, with music, it made my spirits somewhat content, despite all the wrong going on in my life.

Concentrating On COVID: Not Giving Up On Our Dreams

Yes, COVID might have uprooted our routines as an autistic community but it certainly can’t stop us from having what we need or want to do. If you asked me six months ago that I would be getting back on my feet in five, I would second-guess every thought you would give me but it happened, during COVID.

Concentrating On COVID: “Same Old, Same Old”

Continuing on the supposed last week of the governmental regulations has me see more masks and social distancing taking place, however there continues to be a few who do not wear a mask in public, thus making me fearful that people are not following the honor system. The government will only give you so much play to play against before the restrictions have hampered the COVID Mitigation process.