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Understanding the Need to Get Out

As we are nearing the third year of the pandemic, I am beginning to understand the need to let my fears diminish and find wellness via my own dimensions, whatever that may be. As always, getting out of the door can be the hardest part of doing something that is uncomfortable for me and many other autistic individuals, but once we know we are OK, we excel at what we are doing.

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Reflections: Regognizing A Return

A few weeks ago, I made the opportunity to do some of the things before things changed drastically in my life in 2020. It felt good in a way, but I do know that I need to continue to work on things and get back to where they should be from years ago,

Sunset on a Stormy Night
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Reflections: Effects That COVID has Caused

In a world where many are experiencing COVID fatigue as we are in the third year of it, many don’t want to hear about it. In reality, because of the early unknowns and the preventative actions of government leaders as they are, they were only trying what was best with what little information they had at their disposal at the time, and were only trying to make sound decisions to protect us at the time.

The "downtown" area of my small town
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Concentrating On COVID: Sign of Brightness

Recently, some warmer and much more enjoyable weather has been brought upon us in Western Pennsylvania. I am setting a personal goal that in 2022, I am going to make a better attempt to leave my home more and come off the regression that COVID has brought on me because of instilled fear of the virus.

Towne Center 2021
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Concentrating On COVID: Trying to Normalize

We are getting closer to the two year mark of when the world here shut down. Case numbers have decreased some and while we cannot put the thought of COVID away just yet, we must continue to be vigilant, however we must now live in a world with COVID instead of a world scared of… Continue reading Concentrating On COVID: Trying to Normalize

Early 2022 Sunrise
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Concentrating On COVID: It Gets Better

It gets better. Those three words are what I can say to anyone that has been struggling with the onset of anything since the world has been in a broken world. I am here to tell you that you can get at your lowest and rebound to a better place, but to do that lies within the powers of yourself. If you are willing to make the change, it can happen.

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Concentrating On COVID: Being Flexible

In the two years we have been fighting COVID-19, the first thing, while it can be very hard to autistics is the need to be flexible and adapt to situations that need to be changed, sometimes at a moment’s notice With COVID, this can happen because it is many times out of the control of those that can make the decision for us.

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Concentrating On COVID: The Effects Of Our Mental Health

We are nearing the two year point from when the first COVID-19 case was discovered in the United States. Throughout the highs and lows of the pandemic, the effects on the mental health of many has taken a toll across the board from the exhaustion of the looming pandemic that doesn’t seem to have a end in sight.

Connellsville Glass Arch 2021
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Concentrating On COVID: What COVID Has Made Me Discover About Myself

As much as we have learned about COVID as the virus has evolved over the near past two years, it also taught me alot about myself. While the world shut down and regenerated itself, it taught me the need to practice actual self-care and that mental health is OK to think about and to invest in more than I had previously.

Preparing for Communion at home
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Concentrating On COVID: Waning Fear with Sensibility

As I enter 2022, I do so with less worry as I did in 2021. Becoming faithfully grounded and spiritually abundant that I will be OK in a world that is going through some pretty wild stuff right now is a big thing. I am not ignoring that it isn’t there, rather I am living life as I should do, because that is the only way we will get out of the fear mongering state I have been in last year. 

CSX Locomotives and Bridge
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Concentrating on COVID: No More Fear in 2022

For almost two years I have lived in a continual state of fear of doing things outside of my safe space. I have taken each and every precaution that was made available to me. I believed the words of our government leaders. And while I do believe there is some merit to the information that is being delivered to us, I have to live a little and start 2022 by not living in total fear of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

New Shopping Center
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Concentraing On COVID: Getting Back in Rhythm

Last weekend was a doozy of a weekend. Beside my home, the only place I went was to the neighborhood dollar store. COVID fears have set me back over time for fear of whether or not I will contract the virus. While part of this in my humble opinion is due to the fear mongering that is staged by the media, part of it is a result of my heightened anxiety about things. Sometimes we just need to rationalize and realize that doing some things in life really isn’t all that bad.

Highlands Hospital in 2017
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Concentrating On COVID: Fearmongering

While this COVID-19 Pandemic continues on nearing the two-year anniversary of what is known as the Pandemic. When COVID-19 was established as a pandemic back then, it was suggested it would be over in just two weeks, then they needed a month more, then another month before things got somewhat normal. However, nearing year two, it seems with the advancement of vaccines and such, the numbers are not as emphasized or hyped about as much.

Towne Center 2021
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Concentrating On COVID: Third Time’s A Charm

By the title of this weeks’ Concentrating On COVID Post, you can determine that I got my COVID booster (third shot). While I had some hesitations about whether or not to get it or having to “bank” time to have symptoms, I know I did the right thing by having extra armor that I need to remain safe around others.

First Rite Aid
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Concentrating On COVID: Vaccine Effectiveness/Resurgency

Just spending today reading the 72-hour case count of COVID cases in my county in the 400s has me being extra careful. I have been very precocious over the past week due to those not in close contact but those I know being “breakthrough” cases. As when the vaccines first came out we were uncertain of its effectiveness in the long term, we are learning new things everyday and is likely the reason why the FDA has approved booster doses for certain populations and the elderly.

Paradise Church from the Road
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Concentrating On COVID: Time to Learn

For what COVID has took and caused with its wrath, it has brought many joys to the table. In the past 20 months, we have seen the evolution of technology as much as a love-hate relationship. Everyone in the world has a relationship with it, it connects me to communities that I would have not otherwise have had access to.

My High School in 1971
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Concentrating On COVID: A Really Scary Time

The last week brought forth an unscheduled vacation due to the unforeseen circumstances of several coworkers within the confines of the office contracting COVID or being an exposure or close contact of someone. Fortunately after much investigation, it was discovered that I was not affected. Nonetheless, I caused a great amount of anxiety and worry about many things.

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Concentating on COVID: Honor and Divide

As we progress in this ever-looming Coronavirus pandemic, thoughts of what to do become confusing and exhausting for some. Others adhere to what they are recommended to do to stay safe. Honoring one request while having to accept another’s belief system can cause a divide between two parties, even if they are very close. However, we must do our best to honor everyone’s wishes while staying safe.

Mount Pleasant Central VFD
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Concentrating On COVID: Vaccination Fear

As we are in the year of the vaccines, the country is struggling with the facts of health and safety over personal choice. As the COVID-19 vaccines are slowly becoming approved and the needs for boosters approaches. Also approaching is the time of the year for the influenza vaccine. I was one to avoid vaccines for several years out of fear, but over time that has diminished.