Concentrating on COVID: Realizing I need Help

Tonight, as I am writing, I had a really bad day. My supports all cancelled on me, and I know it wasn’t my fault. But It gave me a sense of pouty kind of attitude, sometimes you just need to just talk to someone. COVID is teaching me more and more everyday the need for … Continue reading Concentrating on COVID: Realizing I need Help

Concentrating On COVID: Making Changes

Recently, If I am honest, I’ve been struggling lately, However, I know for a fact that it is through no fault of my own. I control my emotions, plain and simple. Being on a modified schedule due to COVID is rough, but it is not an excuse. I need to pull myself together, because everything that I have can be pulled away from me because of MY Actions.

Concentrating on COVID: Faith in the Return to School (K-12)

This is definitely a world of unknowns no doubt about it Nobody knows the future , there is a great deal anxiety among all autists, no matter if you're in a child adolescent or adult it's a great deal anxiety for anybody let alone a person with autism. Yes, I can guarantee you call there will be a lot of unknown uncertainties and unexpected events this year, no doubt about it.

Concentrating on COVID: Zoom Faigue

A graphic of a zoom meeting and showing facelesss characters experiencing fatigue

Many of us are locked down in our homes with only laptop, notebook, and phone screens to keep us connected to our social support networks and to keep us engaged in our professional duties or academic responsibilities. We are likely spending more time in front of a screen—and likely in painfully ergonomically incorrect chairs—than at any other time in our lives.

COVID-19: Resurgence

Fireworks 2019

As of this writing, the cases are resurging in our county. 12 new ones yesterday, 11 today. It looks bleak. Telehealth is being extended, the bleakness goes on and on. I do worry about a return to where we were almost four months ago, but I also have to realize that I have no control over what happens nor those actions of others. Slowly things are beginning to revert their ways, school proms are being cancelled or modified, store entrances are being closely monitored for mandated masking, it continues to be enhanced.