Overcoming the Fear of Fireworks

When I was a young boy, I had a big fear of fireworks,. One year the fire company would set off in our field because they had no where to set them off. Because of the loud noises that were produced, this caused a great deal of anxiety in the summer, especially when near firework displays that I would make life miserable for my family.

When Autism and Anxiety Go Hand in Hand

Adapted from The Mighty Which came first? The anxiety or the autism? For me, was always classified as a "worry wart" as a child before receiving my Aspergers Diagnosis at the age of 13. My anxiety manifests in many different ways. I have a lot of trouble driving anxiety as well, especially when I’m going … Continue reading When Autism and Anxiety Go Hand in Hand

Reflections of a Meltdown

Note: Adapted from the article from the Aspergian and related to my last meltdown It wasn’t a bad day, in fact it was pretty good. I had worked out earlier in the day and it stormed in the morning, later I would learn that my parents had issues with their broadband service. They had called … Continue reading Reflections of a Meltdown

The Coke Can Effect

Recently on Facebook, I seen a post where a picure of a child was pictured laying on the floor underneatht table, it mentioned ADHD and Anxiety, which alot of times go hand in hand with individuals on the spectrum, however it is referred to as the "Coke Can effect" and while the majority of behaviors … Continue reading The Coke Can Effect