Having to Become More of Adult in 2021

Being under further restrictions because of COVID has made me in more of a thinking mode, but having more of a positivity theme rather than the old poor, pitiful, spoiled little brat me. It has made me realize that I have only one life and I can choose to live it positively and act more… Continue reading Having to Become More of Adult in 2021

COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: “Same Old, Same Old”

Continuing on the supposed last week of the governmental regulations has me see more masks and social distancing taking place, however there continues to be a few who do not wear a mask in public, thus making me fearful that people are not following the honor system. The government will only give you so much play to play against before the restrictions have hampered the COVID Mitigation process.

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Book Review: Autism, Sexuality and My Brain

This quick Kindle read takes the reader on the course of a young man who battles his autistic desires for the feel the female skin, but receives many shortcomings based on the inability to know the social construct that becomes unknown to many on the autism spectrum face. The author also explains him being homophobically bullied because he did not associate with a female aquantience in school growing up and the trauma it caused.

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Adulting: Food Aversion, Choice and Control

It’s not that I can’t cook, in fact when I do it, I do it very well that I do enjoy it allot. Even since moving to this present location, I tolerate the cleanup better than I did before. I don’t know whether it’s a better kitchen setup or what it is, it just seems to work better all around. Over time, I have been exposed to many foods and I have taken many home economics courses in my school career. I am just that, lazy or too over caring if dinner will turn out right, etc. Yes, being on my own gives the freedom and power to order what I want from the grocery store.

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Paranoia & Mind Blindness

This can become very challenging to the autistic and if not properly processed can have a negative reaction in a social setting. It comes with second-guessing someone because of the inability to understand nonverbal social cues, which can cause a state of confusion, of mind blindness. Then in turn this is often over-compartmentalized by overthinking it with a negative spin, resulting in a destructive thought pattern where many feels as they personally have to defend what they are thinking to the specimen in question without re-affirming what they are actually thinking. When this is done, it can backfire on the autistic when this is done, thus resulting in a conflicting relationship and putting a further strain on what already could have been tense territory for the autistic.

COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: Its Getting Serious

Another week has come and gone in the COVID world, and cases in the area are still on the rise. More and more people we know around us are becoming infected with the virus. Even more things are being cancelled that would have seemed to happen regardless of whether or not this was going on. Furthermore, you see less and less people out and about, yet a peculiar thing you notice is more and more obituaries in the news.

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Adulting: It’s OK to NOT Want To Be A Friend To Someone

Yes, almost every Aspie/Autistic want nothing else than to have a friend, right? But, what if that “friend” doesn’t have any similarities than you do or doesn’t value your input to the level that you feel they should? What if that friend makes you super anxious and causes you to go into a state of autistic burnout or shutdown so you don’t have to tackle the issue head on? Then, this is certainly no friend in any means.

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Adulting: Financial Priorities

These are two key faults that I must feel must be addressed with any autistic before they move on their own independently, leaning specifically with the consequences of not paying attention to their financial situation and how dire it can become if one follows a misleading advertisement or is focused on their interests rather than focusing on their independence.

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Making Things Right

Autistics have many struggles in their lives, one of them is speaking up for what is right. Because a common trait in autism is that we are socially awkward and that we oftentimes lack the knowledge and skillset of speaking up to authoritarian figures when something is wrong. This can be further complexed with anxiety, a mixed condition in autistics that enhances the incapability to speak to those we do not have familiarity with such as in a retail or fast food locale.

COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: Living In Fear

As we enter a second week of a COVID resurgence you can notice a big difference in the environment than jus that of a few weeks ago. Many people, including myself are adhering to governmental orders and are staying home and only leaving when necessary to so. The holidays are abounding and at this time of the year we are used to gathering and celebrating Joy and the some of us the Birth of Christ (if you believe such.) However, my anxiety is heighted to the point someone was telling me that I was living in total fear.

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Adulting: Doing The Simple Things

As we are entering yet the resurgence of COVID and if we haven’t been, I have taken notice of the many routines of autistics upheaved by this angry pandemic, myself included. It hasn’t been easy to adjust to the many routine changes this year, but with each transition it comes better. With that one must understand what may come easy to the neurotypical adult in many cases isn’t natural to the autistic person.


Special Interests

This week, the online community The Mighty in their weekly e-mail has a theme on Special Interests. It couldn’t come at a better juncture in my blog writing than this week when we are indeed talking about interests earlier this week, particularly as we age that may not seem appropriate to others our age. I feel that this e-mal has been a Godsend in delving why I feel the ways about special interests, like others and what defines them between hobbies and specific interests.