Wellness Wednesday: Weight Loss Is Tough

On this Thanksgiving Eve I chose to write about the challenges I face about my weight. Being autistic and having a host of Mental Health Challenges along with necessary medications that cause me to want to eat constantly doesn’t help this process and I wanted to share with my community what I feel constantly.


For many in the autism community, we are told to relinquish our dreams of Love. Little do the naysayers know is that the trend is changing to be more accepting of LOVE. We have the same rights as any other person on the spectrum, they have the right to feel LOVE. So, what makes us … Continue reading LOVE

Poem: Change it Today

To the tune of “Pig” by Seether https://youtu.be/37T46Z6R1RE Have you ever said sorry to heal the wounds?Haven't you said sorry to make it better?Could it be that they don’t wanna hear it anymore?Could it be that they are fed up with the excuses?(Yeah) Have you ever wished for the haste to be over?Haven't you been … Continue reading Poem: Change it Today

POEM: Why I Don’t Wear A Mask (From Facebook)

Although I don't usually condone not wearing a mask, some folks, especially in the Autism Community cannot tolerate wearing them. This poem, shared by a friend on Facebook, highlights that indeed the autism community is criticized for non compliance and bullied for not wearing a mask That woman you shamed in the grocery store, because … Continue reading POEM: Why I Don’t Wear A Mask (From Facebook)


Note: This poem was adapted from an mother of a fifteen year old autistic nonverbal boy explaining his coming of age. While my experience was completely different, it was nonetheless as trying as just receiving the diagnosis of Aspergers almost two years prior and they along with those who were intended to help me were uncertain about the diagnosis, that would become ASD 1 in 2013.

Poem: To the Mother

To the MotherWho always thinks of her child's best interest before hersThank You To the MotherWho ensured that he had the best education possibleYes, it was a public onebut, read the Educational Law book cover to coverand fought tooth and nail with school teachers and administratorsdefending her child when he did wrong, yet was not … Continue reading Poem: To the Mother

A Christmas Card

A Christmas card.For many years I just didn't care about Christmas cards.Then I moved in an apartment building.Around the beginning of December each tenant would receive a list of the tenants of the property. Then they started coming. All hours of the day and night.Some have candy. Others collectables and bookmarks and such.Last year I … Continue reading A Christmas Card