Murray Run March 2022
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Gratitude for Laundry

Somedays, you have to be thankful for something like your own washer and dryer and the luxuries it provides you because many take it for granted, and today was one of those days. Now I know there are friends that have to share, etc. and many know I have been there and this is not… Continue reading Gratitude for Laundry

Fayette County Behavioral Health Administration Building
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A Year Later. I recovered and I listened.

I took a picture of my serving of cheesecake last year as the day program was celebrating #NationalCheesecakeDay. Shortly after, due to a multitude of factors, I experienced an intense meltdown because I was Unable to regognize the signs and take care of myself earlier. It was what started the process of learning and growing… Continue reading A Year Later. I recovered and I listened.


Medication Management

One of the struggles I've had being Independent. Medication Management Whenever I get it, I get it. Everyone enjoys me and I can manage life. I know medication is not for everyone. But for me, it's a life saver. It means I can function and be some kind of normal. It also means that it… Continue reading Medication Management

Autism Acceptance Month
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I have autism…but it shouldn’t define me.By my life or who I want to be.What I wear or by my appearance of my own body.It doesn’t matter, if I take care of it and not look shoddy.I have autism…some have it harder than othersEach person’s severity differs from another’sRegardless we all can think for ourselves.And… Continue reading I HAVE AUTISM

Connellsville Glass Arch 2021
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It’s never too late!

It's never too late! It's never too late!No matter how old you areNo matter if you haven't matured the same as your peersOr learned the same things you learned as they have.It's never too late.To grow and learn and be who you want to be.What you are feeling is happening for a reason.Don't let anything… Continue reading It’s never too late!


No Room for Hate.

There is no room for hate.Whatever you may think.Whatever you want to believe.Regardless of what you see.Leave your hate at the door.The world needs love.It's been a wild ride the past few years.Whatever you love.It doesn't make you any less of a person.Know that the struggles are real and they're tough.But it gets better because… Continue reading No Room for Hate.

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Wellness Wednesday: Weight Loss Is Tough

On this Thanksgiving Eve I chose to write about the challenges I face about my weight. Being autistic and having a host of Mental Health Challenges along with necessary medications that cause me to want to eat constantly doesn’t help this process and I wanted to share with my community what I feel constantly.



For many in the autism community, we are told to relinquish our dreams of Love. Little do the naysayers know is that the trend is changing to be more accepting of LOVE. We have the same rights as any other person on the spectrum, they have the right to feel LOVE. So, what makes us… Continue reading LOVE


Poem: Change it Today

To the tune of “Pig” by Seether Have you ever said sorry to heal the wounds?Haven't you said sorry to make it better?Could it be that they don’t wanna hear it anymore?Could it be that they are fed up with the excuses?(Yeah) Have you ever wished for the haste to be over?Haven't you been… Continue reading Poem: Change it Today


POEM: Why I Don’t Wear A Mask (From Facebook)

Although I don't usually condone not wearing a mask, some folks, especially in the Autism Community cannot tolerate wearing them. This poem, shared by a friend on Facebook, highlights that indeed the autism community is criticized for non compliance and bullied for not wearing a mask That woman you shamed in the grocery store, because… Continue reading POEM: Why I Don’t Wear A Mask (From Facebook)



Note: This poem was adapted from an mother of a fifteen year old autistic nonverbal boy explaining his coming of age. While my experience was completely different, it was nonetheless as trying as just receiving the diagnosis of Aspergers almost two years prior and they along with those who were intended to help me were uncertain about the diagnosis, that would become ASD 1 in 2013.


The Network

We grow up as young boys and girls We're told that we are to befriend our peers Many of peers on peers in school charter these scary waters for the first time we snarl. For we are doing only what we are told. We're included in mates birthday's Some are just with us boys, some… Continue reading The Network