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Wellness Wednesday: Don’t Criticize the Small Strides

Making a lifestyle change is a big journey. Being in for over three months and 36 or so pounds makes it seem so easy when it is absolutely not. People think as you get into it for this length of time it gets easier. While sometimes it does, there are a lot of environmental factors along with the outlook that you have that can make or break the streak that one is on at any given moment.

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Concentrating On COVID: A Slow Return

To say that COVID has affected the mental health of those around the world would be an understatement. Even for those individuals including autistics that have had to experience a multitude of changes over the past fifteen months has been a challenge to say the least. I am very grateful that I have had not any ill effects of the virus or was not furloughed from my employment as a result of the pandemic. COVID added to an already traumatic experience that I was experiencing that ultimately caused me to be on the lookout for what would be my current home.

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Adulting: Grow Up and Do It Yourself

As we know in the autism community, there’s that cliff when school years ends for someone. I have seen numerous youths be proud to make it to this point when they were given lesser expectations. So, what happens? We certainly know that those that care for them, particularly family members may or may not want to continue to provide care or be unaware of a sea that is unchartered for many to be the one that has to take the driver’s seat in providing their daily entertainment. For almost two decades, I personally relied on my mother to do this. She cares for me very much and I am very appreciated for her efforts. However, for a majority of my life, they have negative baggage that when she does something that is intended to help me, it only hurts her, and she kept coming back for more. While I am not proud of this in the past decade it has been reduced down to only verbal abuse, nonetheless it still isn’t right as both my parents are both in their retirement years and shouldn’t have to be constantly worrying about if I am safe or not, although I feel that will always be their instinct, as is any parent who spends their life dedicated to raising an autistic child.

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Union Station Weekly

Union Station News; Volume One, Issue 3 (June 2021)

Note: As part of my Day Program, I contribure to the program's newsletter. In june 2021, that Newsletter transitoned to a monthly basis as much of the elements of the program are back to a in-person status. Members Share: How do you feel with things mostly returning to pre-COVID levels? I have had the pleasure… Continue reading Union Station News; Volume One, Issue 3 (June 2021)

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Knowing Your Limits

Being independent for almost three years has taught me some life lessons in being independent. I have done some things in that time I haven’t been proud of and there’s things I’ve not succeeded at. However, it is a learning curve and within time it gets better. There’s this great thing called boundaries that you have to develop that can be a challenge. Once you learn the power of it and knowing when to stand your ground, it is a wonderful thing.

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Wellness Wednesday: One Last Time, Hopefully It’s for Real

I have talked about my soda addiction on and off on my blog for some time and I have to admit until three days ago I have had a real bad addiction and I knew it. From the moment I woke up in the morning I had to have that rush of caffeine. It led my life in what I did in my life in every given moment, what I had with my meals. It became addictive as it is and challenging at the same time.

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Concentrating On COVID: Normalcy and Bondaries

We are narrowing down to the point that masking orders will be going away in my state. However, that doesn’t mean wearing a mask is totally wiped off the slate of the American culture. Establishments, at their governed choosing may elect to mandate the wearing of masks, whether or not you are fully vaccinated. While things are winding down for me, I still chose to keep my guard up.

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Adulting: Brewing Thoguhts, Irrational Fear, and Anger

In the three and a half decades in my life I have grown so much into a mature adult. I know that I need to ‘grow up’ as my therapist says because I haven’t dealt with the irrational fears and the brewing thoughts. The anger has been mostly subdued into a verbal form, but I know that there is room for improvement.

Product Reviews

PRODUCT REVIEW: Assistance Cards by

PRODUCT SHARE: Autism Assistance Cards: For some autistics, when in public and approached by law enforcement or first responders can become a challenge and result in a tricky situation if not addressed properly. To aid in this effort, CureUp has created different assistance cards to help individuals with health challenges address their condition whenever they may not be able to do so.

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Autistic Pride Day

Autistic Pride and Acceptance!

I want to start my feature this week by stating that Friday, June 18, 2021 is Autistic Pride Day and I cannot go without mentioning that because I normally don’t blog on Fridays. As the world is on the heels of Autistic Pride Day, it has made me think about what I truly need to do in order to become aware of how I can better manage the effects caused by autism, anxiety and bipolar.

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Wellness Wednesday: Work is Paying Off

This Saturday in the wellness department has been monumental for me. Not only was it my 36th Birthday, but it was also day I completed a 5K Walk for the first time in over eight years. For only being serious about losing weight for only almost three months, I am proud that I did not finish last in the race and that I can compete at my age while still being well enough to do the basic things in life.

COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: Normal is on the Way

As we are into week two being mostly restriction free from the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are beginning to see what normal is. Along with government mandates being lifted, within the upcoming time restrictions at the places I frequent are being eased as well. However, I with COVID-19, I feel that it was a teaching moment to the world for several reasons.

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Adulting: The Challenges That Stem from the Necessity of Shopping

When one lives alone. A need often arises when one needs to shopping. To persons that are autistic or have several mental health challenges, this can become a struggle to do. As such when the willpower is not there, people will do with what they can by ordering take out or not eating at all. Part of adulting includes garnering up the courage to go to the store, purchase your items and bring them home and put them away.