Happiness is…

This week, I have been going through some personal struggles and as such reached out to one of my support workers for wisdom, my one support worker I reached out to in my time of struggle has been encouraging for over a year to remain consistent with blogging and it has developed to the weekly series we have today on here. However, he suggested that for my open topic this week that I share with my community what I define happiness as, since I have been struggling with it a lot recently and a sense of belonging.

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Wellness Wednesday: Progress Shows

his week on the wellness front has been trying, but not without its benefits. We’ve been serious about everything healthy for eight weeks now. In that time, I have built up to walking over three miles for exercise, been mindful when eating and have lost 21 pounds in that timeframe.

COVID-19 Series

Concentrating on COVID: Maskng Wildcard

With the recent changes in the COVID masking order, it has been confusing to say the least. Especially if you are vaccinated, it can be more cumbersome as to where you are mandated to wear your mask. To further compound this issue, it can be challenging because it is on the honor system and you just can’t go up to someone and ask if they are vaccinated because of privacy laws. To further compound these issues, in my state next week, all COVID-related restrictions will be lifted.

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Adulting: Disability as an Excuse

While some things because of my autism or mental health challenges are at times challenging, sometimes I need to experience them and not play the “card” as a crutch to get out of something. This can be difficult because when thinking independently, it can be hard to make these decisions.

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A Reflection of Being Better

I am almost 36 years old. I have experienced a lot of issues in my life and now is finally the point when I am content to the point where I feel my life is manageable. I know that I have to keep plugging along by doing the right thing and not veering off course because there is so many other individual’s autistic, neurodiverse and neurotypical that look up to me as a role model.

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Study Suggests Most Kids With Autism Make Gains Over Time

by Shaun Heasley, Disability Scoop | May 18, 2021 A 10-year-old with autism looks out from his home. (Paul Kitagaki Jr./Sacramento Bee/TNS) The vast majority of youngsters with autism may be “doing well” in at least some aspect of their lives by the time they reach mid-childhood, researchers say. In a study looking at how 272… Continue reading Study Suggests Most Kids With Autism Make Gains Over Time

COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: Free At Last (Not Totally)

As many Americans last week heard from President Biden, those who have been vaccinated no longer have to wea a mask in public. As such many retailers including Walmart have now followed suit with this rule. Now as a vaccinated autistic person, I now have to carry my mask around from locale to locale as the mask policies may differ from location to location.

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Adulting: Inclusion and Fairness

While in the modern era, we advance to the need for inclusion everywhere we look such as sports, activities, the classroom and so forth, it is also important to teach autistics and others with special needs that life just isn’t fair and sometimes we all can’t be winners.

COVID-19 Series

Concentrating on COVID: Challenges and True Allies

Change in autistics is a known challenge, I oftentimes mask what I am feeling and then vent it out to someone that I consider it my safe person. But when someone who wants to be there for me says don’t be in a negative attitude and that they care so much that I can’t push them away because they show that they care.