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Loving Yourself

For the longest time and still at times, I can be unhappy with myself and not love myself for who I am. But as time goes on it is important to love myself and in fact I am starting to do so and as such it has made me a much happier person than I used to be.

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Wellness Wednesday: My Relationship with Food and Behavior

Sometimes people have an emotional relationship with food, and I am no different when it come to that. I have felt that at times I felt that I ate out of boredom or to be emotionally pleasured and not having something to fill the void of my empty time, but in reality it is defining my relationship with food and not linking it to a behavior.


Reflections: Changing Behaviors

Being autistic comes with its challenges that is for sure. But when you constantly have a behavior that seems to never go away and you continue to work on it, having it go away after years of doing it, can be painstakingly rough at times.

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Adulting: What Makes Self-Advocacy

On this day of age, we hear this new buzz-word, Self-Advocacy. I am always a firm believer in advocating for yourself and in fact I at times am considered one, however there is an appropriate way to do it and it is important to understand that all needs should be considered when doing so.

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When Things Don’t Go My Way!

One common misconception or stereotype when an autistic person exhibits behaviors is that they are having a ‘temper tantrum’ when they do not get the things they want. While this is not always the case and is often confused for a meltdown, when things do not go the way we want them to or when hiccups occur in our daily processes, it can set us back and ultimately result in a tantrum,