Adulting: Disability as an Excuse

While some things because of my autism or mental health challenges are at times challenging, sometimes I need to experience them and not play the “card” as a crutch to get out of something. This can be difficult because when thinking independently, it can be hard to make these decisions.

Department Of Human Services’ Adult Community Autism Program Receives International Recognition

The Department of Human Services today announced that its Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP), a program that promotes integrated and meaningful employment for adults with autism, has been recognized by the Vienna, Austria-based Zero Project as a model deserving international attention and replication.

Putting It In Perspective

Writing this on Easter Sunday because I am bored really puts things into perspective how fortunate I am. We are over a year into the pandemic, when work and my day program shut their doors for almost three months. While some of the activity during that initial time was completed virtually and I along with the majority of the world was introduced to virtual platforms like Zoom, Nothing replaces the old-fashioned way of meeting person to person in methods such as day programs and part-time employment like I do.

Feds Propose Changes To Disability Employment Rules

by Michelle Diament, via Disability Scoop | March 15, 2021 Jordan Allison, who has autism, works as a swatch and button specialist in the special order department at Hart Schaffner Marx in Des Plaines, Ill. in 2016. (Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune/TNS) The Biden administration is reconsidering what should qualify as competitive integrated employment for people with … Continue reading Feds Propose Changes To Disability Employment Rules

Gainfully Employed 11 Years – and I didn’t even wan t to work

On March 10, 2010 I started a new endeavor as a Consumer Satisfaction Team Member. Although I didn’t know it, this job would require me to oftentimes interact with complete strangers. For several years, my work schedule was sporadic at best. I struggled with the days that I had to go to work because anxiety built up continually. Eventually I would become comfortable with my work, it would provide me additional opportunities and now is second nature for me.

Progress is Progress

In the last few months since becoming independent again, I have noticed benchmarks that I continue to achieve as time progresses. While they may seem little to some, for me they can mean the world because it is proof that I can adult and know how to properly take care of myself. If there is any advice, I can give to anyone raising a autistic child, it simply is that knowledge is power. The more they know, the more sound their future will be.

Paranoia & Mind Blindness

This can become very challenging to the autistic and if not properly processed can have a negative reaction in a social setting. It comes with second-guessing someone because of the inability to understand nonverbal social cues, which can cause a state of confusion, of mind blindness. Then in turn this is often over-compartmentalized by overthinking it with a negative spin, resulting in a destructive thought pattern where many feels as they personally have to defend what they are thinking to the specimen in question without re-affirming what they are actually thinking. When this is done, it can backfire on the autistic when this is done, thus resulting in a conflicting relationship and putting a further strain on what already could have been tense territory for the autistic.

Making Things Right

Autistics have many struggles in their lives, one of them is speaking up for what is right. Because a common trait in autism is that we are socially awkward and that we oftentimes lack the knowledge and skillset of speaking up to authoritarian figures when something is wrong. This can be further complexed with anxiety, a mixed condition in autistics that enhances the incapability to speak to those we do not have familiarity with such as in a retail or fast food locale.