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Disability Service Providers Face ‘Unprecedented’ Labor Shortage

by Isabella Bloom, The Sacramento Bee/TNS / Disability Scoop | July 28, 2021 David Katz, who has autism, stands with his mother Betsy Katz at his home in Rocklin, Calif. David Katz lives by himself with the aid of direct support professionals, but his parents had difficulty finding workers to fill shifts during the pandemic. (Daniel… Continue reading Disability Service Providers Face ‘Unprecedented’ Labor Shortage

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Mom Of Child With Autism Started T-Shirt And Vending Business For 1 Reason: Routine

by Chanel Stitt, Detroit Free Press/TNS | July 27, 2021 DETROIT — MyKail Moultrie, 4, and Miguel Moultrie, 2, spend much of their time playing outside or going to behavioral therapy and school. But they’re also helping their mom run a business. Packaging T-shirts is a part of their family’s routine on Mondays when the kids… Continue reading Mom Of Child With Autism Started T-Shirt And Vending Business For 1 Reason: Routine

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Wellness Wednesday: No Health Without Mental Health

This week I want to share my mental health story during the COVID Pandemic. I feel this is important to the wellness of everyone in the autistic community both individuals and those serving them. Remember, there is no health without mental health.

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Adutling: How Important is Time

Last week, I had one of my providers that visits home arrive for our weekly appointment breathing heavily because he ran up the steps to my house for fear, I would be upset he did not arrive at the scheduled time. While as a child I did get upset if someone coming to my home to see me was a more than a minute late, that is no longer the case as I have built up the flexibility to understand that things don’t happen as they are planned.

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A Parent’s Love is Never-Ending

Recently in browsing my social media accounts, I came across an autism mom blogger that shared a graphic of a quote that states that autism doesn’t come with a manual, rather it come with a parent who never gives up, While I may haven’t always seen eye to eye with what my parents thought I should have done, they have always sought out my best interests while making sure I was remaining safe.

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Wellness Wednesday: The Need to Be Active

This past week has been a learning lesson for sure. I did walk some, but I didn’t walk to the degree that I had in the past weeks. On top of that my food choices were not that great. I have been for the past few weeks on a slippery slope with my weight loss, and as a result, I broke my fifteen-week losing streak and gained some of the weight back. The principal factor of me doing this was due to the fact that I have chosen to not be as active and allow me to overeat too much of the not so good foods with just making up any sort of rationale that I could satisfy myself with.

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#HireAutisticAdults: Keep Us Engaged

In recent years, there have been a number of initiatives to hire autistic adults as they age out of high school, because they oftentimes need a solid day of structured activity. This doesn’t mean that they are meaningless people. It’s just that they need to put their creative juices to work.

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Adulting: Maintaining Order

Another amazing week is on the horizon and I am all set for the week. I say that I am all set for the week because everything in my habitat is neat and orderly. It is a stereotype that autistics are all obsessively compulsive about everything. While we do have fascination on the things we do enjoy, it is likely that we do not specifically have a fascination on the things we must complete in our daily lives.

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Union Station Weekly

Union Station News; Volume 1, Issue 4; July 14, 2021

Note: As part of my Day Program, I contribure to the program's newsletter. In june 2021, that Newsletter transitoned to a monthly basis as much of the elements of the program are back to a in-person status. My Second 5K Walk was a wake-up call to be more positive spent Independence Day participating in another… Continue reading Union Station News; Volume 1, Issue 4; July 14, 2021

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Wellness Wednesday: Temptation Distraction

This week in the wellness department has been a challenge for me. Results haven’t proven as well and the drive to keep going was lacking earlier last week, even one day, temptation drove me away from the goal in mind of walking, something I know is a must do in my fight to continue to lose weight in this journey.

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Adulting: Positivity

As an autistic, it can be hard at times to maintain a positive outlook on life. Being independent can deter this greatly to the point that negativity brews until you have an outlet, specifically a person that supports you to vent this too. It can be a challenge for them to hear your constant rants of negativity time and time again. Therefore, it is essential to have a positive outlook on your life, come whatever circumstances one may experience.

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Adulting: It’s OK To Try New Things

Throughout my life I have experienced many bouts of anxiety when presented the opportunity when something different presents itself. Oftentimes it throws me into this catastrophic fear that something bad is going to happen, when in reality once I do it, I know that it is the best thing for me to do and that I will have a blast doing it.

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It’s OK in Your Space

This week, I have shared a few Tik Tok’s about being diagnosed in the 1990s and not knowing some autism behaviors that are common today. We just did them, we didn’t know the jargon that is used for them today. One must also understand that given one’s space it needs to be their safe space and they are free to express themselves in the way they wish.