Concentrating On COVID: Change It Up!

As we continue down the path of this pandemic, I am locally seeing the effects of those in the workforce either returning to school or choosing not to work. It is deeply affecting me as I am experiencing lesser dining options or having a more delayed response for deliveries. As such, I am having to change my game up to ensure that I am being content in the community.

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Adulting: Task Management

While some with autism are pre-programmed to make lists, there are still a host of autidtic individuals that for the life of them cannot fathom the ability to ensure that all the tasks they need to do in order to have a functional life cannot be assured, even as they prepare for independence by living with family or another similar situation.

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Social Security, SSI Checks Could Increase By Largest Amount In Decades

by Summer Lin, McClatchy/TNS | August 27, 2021 Social Security and Supplemental Security Income recipients will see a raise in payments in 2022 — the highest increase in almost four decades, according to the latest estimate from The Senior Citizens League. Every year, people who get retirement or disability payments receive a cost-of-living adjustment to keep… Continue reading Social Security, SSI Checks Could Increase By Largest Amount In Decades

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Growing Up Is Hard, Especially For Young People With Disabilities

by Nadra Nittle, California Health Report | August 26, 2021 LOS ANGELES — The way 25-year-old Essence Guss of Pomona describes growing up captures the way many young people feel about the transition. “Being an adult is hard,” she said. But along with the typical challenges of “adulting,” as millennials often call it, like working and… Continue reading Growing Up Is Hard, Especially For Young People With Disabilities

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Schools Settle With Justice Department Over Discipline Of Students With Autism

by Garfield Hylton, Orlando Sentinel/TNS | August 24, 2021 ORLANDO, Fla. — The Volusia County School District and the U.S. Department of Justice have reached a new agreement on supporting students with disabilities. Officials investigated whether the district participated in discriminatory and systemic behavior when punishing students with a disability for disability-related behavior, according to the… Continue reading Schools Settle With Justice Department Over Discipline Of Students With Autism

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How to set Healty Boundaries

This week I found a post on the social media platforms for the Hiki app, an online dating and friendship app for the autism community. This topic was requested by one of their users because they too struggle with boundaries. Boundaries can be difficult to define and build, but once you do, you will feel better physically and mentally.

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Wellness Wednesday: Keep Trying

many people with autism fight for what they want and while they may fall down, they oftentimes pick themselves up and continue the fight and because many of us have a lot on our plate these days, I and others with autism may need to be given grace and be allowed to use whatever coping mechanisms necessary to be well.

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Concentrating On COVID: Exhaustive Fears

We are nearing a year and a half in this ever-glooming pandemic and it seems like it is never going to end. I, like many in the world am trying my best to be resilient. However, with all the social media feeds overfilling with information about COVID-19, it can become a challenge to be resilient.

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Adulting: Self-Determination

Self-Determination is defined as the process by which a person controls their own life. As an adult with autism, this can be a challenge because we always have a reservation in our heads of whether or not we will get in trouble for the choices we make and whether or not they are good decisions.

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Can We Really Be a Friend?

For many in the autism community, we want someone to be our friend. Sometimes, I have been told that it takes us the person ourselves to be a friend to someone else. It is difficult for many people with autism to do and can become very taxing at times to have a return effect. All we want sometimes is for someone to be there for us, however after investing a lot of energy it can seem difficult when little energy by the other party is given.

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Wellness Wednesday: Introception

A common trait in autism is the fact that while many of us want to meet our basic needs to be well, we often cannot recognize the need to do so. This process is called interception. It can come across to others that we are lazy and don’t care about our basic needs, when in fact we just don’t know that we need to take care of it.

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Concentrating On COVID: More Division

We are now in the 17th month of this pandemic and in a time, we should be advancing in the progression of herd immunity, we are experiencing having mask mandates again along with major venues and employers requiring vaccines and routine testing for retained employees and ensuring new hires are vaccinated. These are signs that we aren’t out of the woods as of yet.

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Making Sure We Can Have the Same Opportunities as Everyone Else in a Safe Manner

When we as autistics try to do things in life as neurotypicals do, it can present challenges for autistics that aren’t friendly to our needs. We as autistics don’t want special treatment, we just want to be able to do things that make it manageable for us. The world also needs to be aware that autism is indeed a spectrum disorder and does not stop the minute a person turns 18.

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Wellness Wednesday: A Succssful Comeback

Sometimes it can be hard when we as human beings don’t see the number or the progress that we want to have. That is no different for one who is in a constant battle of losing weight. While at first, I was doing very well by not gaining any weight for around 15 weeks in a row, a halt arrived and It took me about a month to realize that I need to step up my game plan.

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Adulting: Individuality

As we know, autism is a spectrum disorder. We as autistics are unique in our very own ways, each and every one of us. No one can change that, nor should we be forced to do so. We as autistics, just as neurotypical human beings should have the freedom have the individuality that we so choose as long as our safety and well-being is kept in mind.