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Union Station Clubhouse Weekly; Volume 7, Issue 5; April 30, 2021

Goal Achieved!!! And Not Stopping!!! This week’s weather has had its ups and downs. We had breaks for two days at one time and one day in between due to rain, however we went at least a mile and a half every day getting to that fourth set of benches. I saw aFIFTH set of… Continue reading Union Station Clubhouse Weekly; Volume 7, Issue 5; April 30, 2021

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There was a time I thought I would be in a Group Home for Life

Twenty years ago, this week, I celebrated “graduating” from a residential treatment facility, or RTF. It felt like a group home, but if my parents didn’t want the best care for me, it could have resulted in me being placed in a group home for life because of my behaviors.

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Department Of Human Services’ Adult Community Autism Program Receives International Recognition

The Department of Human Services today announced that its Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP), a program that promotes integrated and meaningful employment for adults with autism, has been recognized by the Vienna, Austria-based Zero Project as a model deserving international attention and replication.

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Adulting: Time For You

As an autistic, being independent has its perks. You can in many cases do what you want, make your place your own, set your own schedule. Now, granted, not all autistics can live independently, but for the ones who earn the keys to independence this is the moment they have been waiting for. But, sometimes can come periods of boredom and loneliness, which can lead into depression.

Union Station Weekly

Union Station Clubhouse Weekly; April 23, 2021; Volume 7 , Issue 4

Members Share About Handling the Loss of a Loved One 2016 was one of the hardest years for me as I lost my maternal grandparents within 9 months and three days that year. First, my grandmother died suddenly the day after Palm Sunday. That fall, my grandfather fell into badhealth and needed to be put… Continue reading Union Station Clubhouse Weekly; April 23, 2021; Volume 7 , Issue 4

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Tone it Down!

Autism is a spectrum, meaning it has a spectrum of features. One of these is communication. One cannot have the ability to communicate without assistance and likewise individuals such as myself can be very articulate, however we are all classified as being autistic. Although it may not seem as such, I sometimes struggle with communicating socially with the less articulate because I am indeed socially awkward.

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Wellness Wednesday: Keeping Encouraged

This week has been monumental in the wellness realm. I did have a loss at my weekly support group, a total of three weeks at this point. I am beginning to realize that just like self-sabotaging before weigh-ins, I cannot set high expectations as the number on the scale is just that, a number and what it is, it is. Walking has been good to improve this number as well as being mindful of my calorie intake and drink consumption.

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Concentrating On COVID: The Fabric of Our Lives

Today, in preparation of writing this article, I came across a photo from a year ago when universal masking was mandated in Pennsylvania. While we have came far in the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am afraid to say that Universal Masking and Social Distancing will become the fabric of our lives like cotton for some time. One day we will get there, but until the day we are sure that the vaccines are indeed effective and there is a very minimal risk of contracting the ill effects of the virus, then we will be wearing the masks for a while.

Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly: April 16, 2021; Volume 7, Issue 3

My Easter Holiday I spent Good Friday with my Clubhouse Family as I was off on my normally scheduled day. When I came home, I made a twin pack of Suddenly Salad for dinner for my parents house the next day. When I went there the next day, I took the dish and everyone was… Continue reading Union Station Weekly: April 16, 2021; Volume 7, Issue 3

COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: Too Soon to Let Our Guard Down

As we near our 13th month in a worldwide pandemic, we are getting ever leerier of wearing our masks and we are tired of hearing and seeing the signs of social and physical distancing. Too, we are experiencing virtual meeting fatigue, yet with the onset of three vaccinations, we are becoming fearless of being around others without protective devices.



For many in the autism community, we are told to relinquish our dreams of Love. Little do the naysayers know is that the trend is changing to be more accepting of LOVE. We have the same rights as any other person on the spectrum, they have the right to feel LOVE. So, what makes us… Continue reading LOVE