When Things Just Don’t Work

This week has been one of those weeks. What has happened has. I personally experienced when things don’t go our way and how we as autistics have to improvise and make do with the moments and resources we have. We have to “grin and bear” with reality and face what we sometimes find as unpleasant. Especially in a time of pandemic, this can be hard on the autistic person and can pose challenges for them and those that care for them.

Wellness Wednesday: When You Want to Cry but Can’t

Reality struck this weekend. My mother and I were out shopping and I decided to dine out at one of the safest restaurants in the community. We went in and were seated at a booth. Once I got in the booth, it was difficult to maneuver, granted I had a coat on. I wanted to cry so bad.

Concentrating on COVID: The Imperialization of Music to Cope

Today, I had memories running in my head of how things were when COVID first began. I worked from Home; the day program wasn’t open to in person service. Two weeks after we were sent home, a virtual routine was established, but to gear up for that day, I would have to get my mind in that moment as it was a new thing and at times very contentious. You also have to keep in mind that besides COVID, I was dealing with all the uncertainties of my former home at the time. Lastly, the world as we knew it was cut off and at one point, we were under a stay at home order. However, with music, it made my spirits somewhat content, despite all the wrong going on in my life.

Adulting: Value, Self-Worth and Non-Conformity

We must realize that no matter what negative comments come across that we as autists should be valued as a person who has a voice, intellect, and can comprehend what is going on around us. We must also realize that we are worth more than those negative voices come across at us and lastly, we do not have to do what others ask of us if an any way it doesn’t seem right or normal to us.

Newborn Screening May Contain Autism Clues

by Shaun Heasley | January 8, 2021 A simple, routine test may be able to detect autism in newborn children, researchers say. Tests regularly given to newborns to screen for hearing loss could also offer clues about whether they are on the spectrum, according to a new study. The tests measure a child’s auditory brainstem response, or … Continue reading Newborn Screening May Contain Autism Clues

Why do we as Autistics do the things we do?

Why do we as Autistics do the things we do? Why are we hyper obsessed on things? Why do we lack regard in certain areas while being hyper critical in others? Yes, we do things differently, but why? This is the question of many around us! Why are we obsessed with the videos that no one else is interested in? Why do we have to have the things we do a certain way? It’s what being autistic is.