Adulting: Maturing and Growing

Driver's License Center

Last week was a very challenging week. Yet, part of my personal outcome was the result of my need to become an adult and realize my need to mature. As much as I have learned in this recent journey, I am still at times reluctant to grow up and do the things I need to do to manage the days ahead.

Go With The Flow

Laurel Run at the Gun Club

As autistics, it can be hard many times to go with the flow. In a week that has been anything but the norm in many cases, the energy that it can generate can negatively affect downtime by putting us out of commission for some time, thus giving us a skewed outlook of the big picture of how things really are.

Wellness Wednesday: Why I Need to Care

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As many know, losing weight has been an ongoing battle for decades. I know that I love my body for what it is, but I need to work on losing weight not from a standpoint to impress anyone, but as a means of improving my health. I am the only one that I will be doing it for which means that I am the only one behind the change.

Adulting: Connection

Wesley Church

As I continue down the journey of my personal self-discovery. One of the things that has helped me refrain myself from the process is the ability to make connections with others with similar challenges so the world that I was living in didn’t seem so small although it was physically, it made me be more of a friend that I ever have been.

Recognition Pays

Kooser Beach House in 2014

Continuing on this personal growth journey as it ever evolves personally has made me become a well-rounded person in the effects of the many facets that I represent. Part of that has been the ability to accept who I am overall, not just who I want to be, I am learning that I can be who I want to be while understanding and recognizing the need to properly care for myself in the process.

Wellness Wednesday: Making Strides

Looking Up at Laurel Hill Beach House October 2014

Following up with the explanation of my journey of personal growth has made me realize the need to be well along with acceptance, discovery and growth. While I have grown into  a man that knows what is acceptable versus what is not acceptable in the public eye, I realize in order to represent myself properly, I must be overall aware of my total wellness in doing so.

Special: A Journey of Personal Growth

The River in Winter 2019

Lately, I have been on a journey of acceptance, discovery, and growth. It has been astonishing in the past few months how far I have grown into a man and discovering that what I am feeling and what I need to do to be well is possible and acceptable. I can no longer live in shame about what I have to do to stay well and be who I want to be.