It Doesn’t Cost Anything To Be Nice

Over the past weeks when being out and about, I have had to learn that regardless what someone ha cause me or what I personally feel about them, I musnt treat them differently because of that, I have to remember that they are just a person as much as I am and it doesn’t cost anything for me to be nice to them.

Life Is How You Make It

Sometimes in life it is the little things that make the difference. It's the moments that you don’t see the bad in everything and look past everything that seems so bad and causes you to ruminate and want to run away from all the things you know you should be an adult and bear. It can be hard to see past all the things that stress you and know that there are things in life that are worth doing.

A Different Approach In An Ever-Changing World

In an ever-changing world, life presents challenges for everyone. In an autistic world, these challenges can be amplified because in the big scheme of things they are really hard and bigger than what they seem, when in reality they can be a really small roadblock that may require a detour in our journey.

Buying In and Being Invested

Managing Autism and Complex Mental Health Challenges isn’t easy. Autistics such as myself face challenges in their lives every day. It doesn’t mean that it has to be all gloom, doom and feeling sorry for myself either. It takes a healthy balance of MANY things in my life to get to the point where my life is manageable for me to live. Being independent enhances that need even further because you have to accept and know your limits and say no to things you can be tempted to do, but you know will have an ill effect in the long run.

Sometimes Enough is Enough

There are times when you have just had enough. You cannot be the solver to everyone’s problems nor can you be the supporter for them whenever you are unable to hold your own mental health grounding. I must realize that I need to take care of my mental health and accept the fact that I need to be assertive and fight for what I need to do to take care of myself.

Foundation of Supports and Getting What You Need

Sometimes as an autisitc person, I just want to not try to put an effort towards what I am doing. I have to say that if I didn’t have a multitude of support in my world, I probably would have ended in a long-term placement. While supports are good to have, they are not the answer to all your solutions and you must do the work too to your ability to show you can be a part of the solution.

One Year, Counting My Blessings

On this date one year ago, I signed the lease for my current and second home. Just five months earlier due to a combination of many ill factors, I left my first home and was with my parents, although I was with them for four months before that. While I was at my worst behaviorally in twenty years, it would take a year in my surroundings, which is truly a blessing to be on the mend.

Homeless Awareness Month

November is Homeless Awareness Month. It is an issue I take very seriously. According to a 2015 Hud Survey 24% of the US identified as having a mental Illness. This is more likely to be prevalent in homeless individuals and as such Autism is later recognized, thus lacking proper training for the staff that support these fragile individuals.