A Reflection on bettering myself

learning about myself and what I need to do as far as the adulting category in my life has been a paramount thing that I feel that I need to take action on to better myself. I am slowly realizing that I need to be more of an adult and not be trapped in the 5-year-old vacuum that I have been in during this current chapter

Concentrating On COVID: Media & Resurgence

as the pandemic grows and grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to watch it because all of the looming hype and fear driven numeric, events, so forth. It isn’t like weren’t aware of a resurgence in the fall, it was preached to us at the onset. We knew cases would dwindle in the summer and climb back up in the fall, added with many schools reopening to only have them retract back to virtual due to infection, again, we knew this was coming.

Seeing connections between autism and blindness

Listen to this story: https://webplayer.spokenlayer.net/0.1/webplayer.js The ability to see plays a large role in the development of the brain — so it makes sense that there would be a connection between vision and autism, which is essentially a condition of brain development. When the eyes are open, vision is the dominant sense. Continuous input from … Continue reading Seeing connections between autism and blindness