Poem: Change it Today

To the tune of “Pig” by Seether https://youtu.be/37T46Z6R1RE Have you ever said sorry to heal the wounds?Haven't you said sorry to make it better?Could it be that they don’t wanna hear it anymore?Could it be that they are fed up with the excuses?(Yeah) Have you ever wished for the haste to be over?Haven't you been … Continue reading Poem: Change it Today

Autistic Burnout Educational Video

https://youtu.be/zAw918RxTJM What is Autistic Burnout? a guide from Autism Women's Network Signs: • Lack of motivation (hard to care about goals when everyday life is overwhelming)• Loss of executive functioning abilities (decision-making, organization, etc.)• Difficulty with self-care• Easier to reach overload or meltdown• Loss of speech, selective mutism• Lethargy, exhaustion• Illness, digestive issues• Memory loss• … Continue reading Autistic Burnout Educational Video