NAA’s Safety Brochure Suite


Big Red Safety Toolkit (National Autism Assn.)

For Caregivers

The National Autism Association’s Big Red Safety Toolkit for caregivers seeks to prevent wandering and elopement. The tools and resources included in the kit provide direct aid and support to those at risk and their caregivers.

For First Responders

The National Autism Association’s Big Red Safety Toolkit for first responders offers tools and resources to prevent and address wandering and elopement. The kit includes a checklist, resource sheet, tips, flyers, and search and rescue guidelines for persons with special needs.



  • A 5 Is Against the Law!
    Social Boundaries: Straight Up! An honest guide for teens and young adults is a book that helps teens and young adults with autism avoid putting themselves and/or others in compromising situations.
  • Autism Risk Management
    a Web site created and managed by Dennis Debbaudt, a well-known expert on autism and safety. The site includes some excellent resources for both families and law enforcement officials.
  • Autism Safety Project
    an Autism Speaks initiative that includes a portal with information for families about maintaining safety in several different environments:
  • Dangerous Encounters—Avoiding Perilous Situations with Autism
    a useful book for law enforcement, firefighters, and EMTs:
  • Safe and Sound
    a initiative of the Autism Society of America Web site that creates safety resources for families of individuals on the spectrum and first responders:
  • Speak Unlimited
    a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting safety for individuals with special needs:

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