Understanding Friend Lingo and Body Language

In the world of COVID-19, I know the last things we could be thinking about is friendships. However, may they be virtual, texting, messaging, whatever other method the are other than the traditional in person method. Sometimes understanding the lingo of them and the "body language" can ever be difficult to comprehend because of an autistics inability to pick up on the signals.

Modeling Makes It Happen

Since the last chapter in my life and moving in the current one, I have been using technology as a way to model behaviors and tasks in order for me to progress to the next one. At 35, I can actually feel progress, my life is becomming more organized and I feel much better about myself and the future ahead.

Adulting: Having Your Own Space

My Temporary Room

In gaining my skills to regroup for the next chapter in my life, I have made the decision to do a blog series on Adulting. The eighth installment is creating your own space for you or an autisic, an esssential element in any autistic's life.

Concentrating on COVID: The Order of Operations

we have to remember that the order of Operation doesn't always happen the way we orchestrate.It also doesn't mean that you don't need to act out or get out of shape because your plans don't happen exactly the way you want them to or the same way they've been doing for 20 years.

This Weeks’ Feature: The Angry “Karens”

So this weekend, I was in another dark depressive blah's. I now know it was because I was in another of those dark depressive spirals of not medicating properly for several days on end. It became to the point this past Saturday, where I could focus myself on my cell phone on Facebook Live watching hours upon hours of angry "Karen" meltdowns, before I did so the next day.