A Journal Entry

We fall down…and get back up.!

I am human. I am, not perfect.

I now know that I cannot strive for perfection.

Striving for perfection adds pressure.

Pressure sets me back in the cycle

The cycle of struggling.

Struggling to survive to be me at my best.

Being my best is masking.

I mask to be my best when I am not.

Not doing what I need to do, because I have my moments.

We all have our moments

Moments where we have feelings.

Not taking care of of myself and those feelings doesn’t help.

It doesn’t help the good streak, but it’s not a competition.

What I have to realize is that I am better than I once was.

So, when something doesn’t go the way, it needs to. I have to accept it for what it is.

I have to make it right and take care of myself to get back where I was.

But where I was doesn’t need to be counted.

Counted in the number of days, because that only makes it worse.

I want the battle to be over and I need to see the good side and give myself grace.

Grace for doing what I have planned for when these things happen.

Get back on track and make things right, get some rest.

I am better today and busted some of those myths that I had.

I proved them wrong because I took care of myself and living my life as I should.

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