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Wellness Wednesday: Learning New Eating Practices

Inflation has been astounding in recent weeks. Food and Gas prices are soaring and presently there is no end in sight. I can look out my window and see the effects of this happening frequently and as such it can be hard to accept. However, I am thankful for the resources that I am provided to make sure that I am fed and taken care of.

Food shortages and insecurity can present its own challenges for autistic individuals or all ages and stages. Our relationship to food can be very unique as it can be limited to very few or specific food options or having food that is not accustomed to them can present many challenges. Sometimes the foods that autistics prefer can be deeply affected by inflation as I have seen recently. It can be challenging to have an autistic individual on a certain food palate if such foods cannot be secured at the grocery store for their consumption or having to travel multiple stores around town to secure these much desired foods.

As such, having to rely on supplemental programs such as food pantries, distributions, etc. (such as I do) means having food that we may not be accustomed to. As such when we get this food, which may be a struggle sometimes just to go and receive due to other issues related to them being autistic. It is often required that all items given to us must be taken by us and it can present a challenge for wanting to consume foods that we are unfamiliar with.

Having the luxury to order delivery, as tempting as it may seem, can be costly for many on limited incomes. Living on your own, such as myself, many of the popular apps such as DoorDash impose a small order fee when placing an order due to the numerous other fees that are otherwise imposed in addition to ensuring that gratuity is made in order for the order to be picked up by someone.

Having access to food can present its challenges. Many times, public transportation limits the number of bags you can carry. While some may be within walking distance to stores, such as myself, carrying multiple items can present its challenges. Securing acquanances to assist you can also become challenging as others have to supply fuel for their vehicles and may not want to do this out of the goodness of their heart. Accessing food pantries and distributions can also present their own challenges as they often have small windows where they occur and often you have to have a vehicle to safely access these services.

Sadly, in the present moment, it is what is necessary in order, especially for me to comfortably maintain my independence. Particularly, I would like to cook other foods as time allows and I will be getting into the kitchen more at the day program to become even more comfortable with doing things as I have started to become more comfortable doing things more frequently both there and at home.

All of this can mean that sometimes I have to eat foods that while I do enjoy eating may not be my top preference. While I do enjoy eating out, I now have to enjoy it less and it is probably a wise idea as my health is continuing to improve as time goes along, despite it being the warm summer months where walking is essentially non existent due to extreme temperatures Regardless, In the Process, I am learning new ways of cooking things and being more independent.

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