A Journal Entry

The Loop

Sometimes my brain enters a loop.

The loop of ruminating thoughts.

Ruminating on negative things.

Or telling me I need to give up what I am doing.

Settle for less.

That I don’t need to keep having purpose in my life.

That is quite the opposite.

I need purpose. I need function and focus.

It is what keeps me going.

The more the better.

When there are blank canvases, trouble arises.

Thoughts brew.

The train track, just like at the base of the Christmas Tree is laid.

The train is the thoughts, negative and not helpful.

But all trains must arrive at their destination.

I can get there with a little help, but be patient.

There is good at the destination, this I know.

I just need that constant reassurance.

When it does, it makes me feel good.

And know I can leave The Loop.

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