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What Coronavirus has taught me about my behaviors

Rewind to March 16. We were living life in a new uncertainty. After six weeks of being off of work due to personal reasons, I was called the night before by my supervisor and was told that we’d be scheduled off with pay for the next few weeks.

I still had my clubhouse where we were briefed on so social distancing and how interact. The changes in our activities. We went on with our day.

Then that evening we got the word. The clubhouse too would be closed for at least two weeks.

We were left with nothing but guidance and support but we had to play it out. 

Two weeks were almost gone when we learned that Clubhouse Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services would be provided virtually. Work was being prepared to be done remotely with changes in hours.

So we started. At w which point stay at home orders were put in place for our county. We stayed home. My family is part of the #stayhometeam . We did as the officials said, limited our trips into the community to a few times a week. Of  which I began to notice some habits. I was (as when I was on my own) consuming a boatload of soda and overeating vigorously. But in other cases I wasn’t hoarding excessively or overspending like I was prior.

However I would think that I was okay but my mental health was declining.

I was addicted to the soda to the point where I would consume a case in a few days. This would cause arguments with my parents on several occasions about my consumption in excessively high amounts and that I was killing myself slowly by doing this. 

But of course I know everything, right?

No I didn’t listen. 

Then the Economic Impact Payment came. I’ve stowed it away safely and haven’t touched any of it (So proud!) I would say that the Coronavirus has helped me be more cognizant of not spending money on useless stuff that has very little value. That saving money is sound and good thing to do. It and the several trips to stores of all kinds that was occurring pre Coronavirus was helping me understand why it’s important to value what you REALLY enjoy want and treasure and that it seriously doesn’t matter how many possessions you do have. What matters is what you value about you and what makes you happy.

As far as dining out since it has been restricted to carry out only. I know that the only chains I visited was Dominos like 5 times in I over 2 months and a Subway once where before the Coronavirus each visit came with a 2-liter bottle of soda (no more!) And a large fountain drink respectively (Still had one but it was my only soda for the DAY…we’ll get to this later in the post)

Then there were the daily visits to McDonald’s, which since March 16, 2020 haven’t been in. Prior to that I had breakfast several times a week, a and always with a large fountain drink but this has been helping my health.

A few weeks ago, I met a new doctor who ordered me some standard labs. I within a few hours received a phone call from the doctors office expecting bad news due to the phone call being sudden. However I learned that only my thyroid level was not so great and that all other levels were really good. So Kudos to me for doing this. was feel better too!

Now to the soda consumption. I have drastically reduced my soda intake to one per day we go into town. This sums up to 2-3 bottles of diet soda a week (16-20 ounces x 3= 48-60 a week) instead of over 100 fluid ounces A DAY (700 fluid ounces At least a week prior!) Now this O do admit has been a drastic reduction in sugar and I do substitute it with a gallon of iced tea over that span 2-3 days and a day or two of chocolate milk. Now these aren’t then best two substitutes but they fulfill some void and they are more natural and support the local farmers (woo hoo!) 

As far as the food department it does need some improvement as many including those close to me and many others are struggling with this too! This is my next focus for me. I was watching My 600 pound life recently and seen alot of people of size and how they struggle including one who cut out all the sweet stuff and was working on portion control and being active.That’s what I need regularity in and not spur of the moment decisions involving poor food choices. 

All in all I’m proud of the changes I’ve had made this far! Here’s to more!

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