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The New Phase Started TODAY!

Well, two weeks of the YELLOW phase and we here in my area of my state are entering the GREEN as little as six hours ago. While many businesses and things are presuming to become somewhat of a normality, to prevent from retreating back to YELLOW or even RED, we must still follow restrictions that I am learning to adapt to.

For two major things, that includes wearing a mask and keeping your space. I am getting used to wearing a mask more often and when and when not to put it on. I understand that is a necessary evil and that if I want to be in my community that it is a necessary thing to do. My mother has helped in this venture by only single lining the masks she is so diligently making for me so that I have the ability to breathe easier. Just the other day, we had to take another vehicle that did not have my regular mask, and I got the opportunity to wear another one made in the form of a sock and it felt 100% better. I also must admit that I do like wearing different designs of masks as a way to express my individuality validly without judgement. Plus I can mutter comments without being caught (although I am still cautious of my surroundings when doing so.)

As for social distancing, I still attempt to do so by following the marks provided on the floors of store, although several rebels oftentimes do not do this, and yes it still irritates me to a point. But a few minutes later, I let it go and just mention it in casual conversation. I still haven’t used another restroom other than my own since the beginning of the coronavirus, so that too will be a challenge, but I feel as if that will be a challenge for everyone on the spectrum as it is a new normal for everyone too.

As for getting back to normal, one of my local weigh-ins resumed this week. While there are no meetings for the time being, it is never at a moment of high capacity to the point I would get worried about my safety. It has made me aware that I have indeed have been consuming too much food and unhealthy things because I gained over ten pounds in ten weeks. Although many don’t think that is bad, it’s not like me to gain that much over that lengthy period of time. \

Also on the healthy note, I have learned that my gym opens as normal next week, however I am sure that I will be required to wear a mask, although I don’t see that as a problem due on the strength training equipment, however the treadmill may cause a concern but thankfully the thin masks may be helpful in this area. It has been three months, and I cant wait to work for real on getting better in shape. As such, I have taken another online weight loss challenge online through a Facebook Page of a member of our Weight Loss group in Newfoundland Canada. She has weekly inspirational programs that she does om Facebook that are inspiring at times. Furthermore, it has been good weather to be outside, especially in the morning and evening hours which is an added bonus too!

As for hair care, it is definitely needed. Although I feel it isn’t a total nuisance, because it hasn’t grown as fast as in years past (from what I feel what is certain medicines that I am on…and that’s OK!) There will be several new rules in that regard too such as a temperature reading, gloves, masking, etc. Along with a $5 maintenance fee for services rendered because of the need for the stylists to order more supplies and be sanitary, this is what we have to accept as the new normal. Going to get a haircut can be a challenge for me at times, although I have had the same stylist for 17 years that I have seen grow her business from cutting hair in someone else’s shop, a corporate chain, renting a space for her business and finally buying a building downtown and only providing services by appointment to now not accepting new clients. Again all changes that must be adapted to!

As far as getting to a regular schedule, its starting to grow back to normal. The day program opened to people a couple days ago, and when schedule permits I will be granted a day to return. Also in a week time I will be resuming a new in person work schedule, while keeping one of my original days and due to space limitations having to switch my other for a completely opposite, which I knew was very likely for that reason and the importance of those that share my office. Yes. there will be new safeguards, but it will be nice to get back to somewhat of a normal schedule, although I know it willl be blended and maybe its just a way of a higher power telling us that we need to slow it down a bit.

Likewise, it is just that, the new normal.

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