Seeing connections between autism and blindness

Listen to this story: The ability to see plays a large role in the development of the brain — so it makes sense that there would be a connection between vision and autism, which is essentially a condition of brain development. When the eyes are open, vision is the dominant sense. Continuous input from … Continue reading Seeing connections between autism and blindness

Concentrating On COVID: Making Changes for the Better

Now, I am not saying that I am experiencing a serious mental health emergency, but I know I need to bring some things to the attention of the medical professionals. Some if it, such as the sedentariness and lack of food intake is my fault and I take responsibility for that, without a doubt. It’s been an issue for several decades and the medicines that I have been on for that length of time have certainly not helped much, rather have made me gain nearly 100 pounds in over two decades, something I am not proud of.

Concentrating On COVID: Continuing to Have the Right To Vote

My summary is, regardless of who you vote for this Presidential Election, I will still be your friend. I will still be friends with you on Facebook. I will not shame you because I dislike your choice either. Friends in the past didn’t split up because they voted for different candidates and I don’t think now is the time we start doing that either, we need friends more than ever now!