Adulting: The Assumable

So as I am getting adjusted to independent life again, it has made me realize the need to do things that just are sort of unspoken and what should be routine. For many autistics, including myself, this presents challenges. It is just not on our “radar” and at times our hyper focuses are geared far away from what must be done and rather what interests us.

Adhering to Abrupt Changes in Routine

Most of 2020 and gearing into 2021 we have had a great deal of change to routine. To the autistic community, this can be perceived as a nightmare. I hear of many individuals and families struggling and not being able to do the things that they can do pre-COVID. It stresses many and leads to autistic burnout, meltdown and shutdown. There are many that learn to adapt, however some have the inability to do that.

Wellness Wednesday: COVID Fatigue

I am sorry to again bring up something COVID related, however, I personally feel that it is important subject to bring up. As we are beginning to see a little bit of light in the tunnel of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are just passing the tenth month of it. While I might consider a little bit of myself privileged to be able to go out, I personally know that many others cannot and that they are struggling far worse than I and the others that can leave their homes.

Concentrating On COVID: Motivation to Do the Expected

Because of COVID, many including myself cannot sometimes handle the dullness and isolation as a result of the government restrictions. Additionally, we may acquire increased anxiety and depression as a result of that isolation that is experienced. It can get to a point where one can lose the motivation to do things such as take care of their habitat