A Journal Entry

New Month…New Mindset

Today starts the month of April.

I stared it off in the usual way that I always do, negatively and living in the land of gloom and doom.

Ruminating on things that have no reason to be ruminated on or even thought about on a Saturday morning. The week has been challenging that is for sure, but that was last month, this is a new month.

So when I call my mother and spew off my traditional negative chant that I know will do nothing but set me back further, she gave me some “tough love.”

“A month ago, you signed up for the gym, why aren’t you there this morning? The weather is nice and sunny and you are lying in bed spending the day ruminating. Are you going to waste your money again?”

And I quickly recalled that just a month ago I let $900 in the course of three years escape my checking account because I was not proactive and did not take action until now.

Last month the rate increased by $3 and will be coming out of my bank account again in a few days.

Was I going to give up and let the cycle repeat itself again as it did three years ago?

Yes. I backslid a bit, but I knew going provides me so many benefits than physical health.

You see, I know I need to take care of my overall wellness to be well in a world that isn’t always made to be welcoming to a person like me.

So I got up got dressed and made the journey to the fitness club. Once I leave the housing community, I seem to be led into knowing it’s the right thing to do.

Getting there and changing into my workout shoes, set the FitBit and off to the treadmill I go.

As time goes on it gets easier, frustration with the past week escapes my body as I get into rhythm with the music.

Before I know it, my time is up. I walked two miles in 55 minutes. I don’t even drink water. I head home and know I need the recommended 45 minutes of alone and quiet time to calm down.

After the timer I set goes off and I draw water for a shower, I get on the scale and see my weight at the lowest it has been at for some time.

This is proving that the work I put in to going to the gym is gradually paying off, workout by workout.

You have to give things a chance and that I did, slowly in life, it takes time and patience and helps your overall well-being too!

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